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The importance of being honest with yourself.

I've sat down to write a 'Life Lately' post so many times over the past few weeks, a catch up, but something always stopped me. A crushing fear of not being good enough. Of my words not being well written, my photos being under par, my blog design not reflecting me. All of which by the way I know sounds silly, but one can't help how one feels.

Slowlived, Wellbeing

On spending more time outdoors

Being outdoors is one of those things that many of us know are good for us. Like reading more, spending less time online, drinking less alcohol. But it's often one of those things that gets pushed to the sidelines when we're time pushed, when actually those are the times when we need it the most.



I get it now, a blog isn't a good name, it's not a good design, it's not a good photos, there's no magic formula for a good blog, ultimately it's always going to be about the person writing it. Do you identify with them? Is there a connection? Do you want to find out more about them and what they do?



Every year I forget the pre-Christmas over-excited-mania that comes over my children. Until Day 1 of the Christmas holidays that is, then it's wham, everywhere I look and everything I hear. I've spent the past couple of weeks repeating the manta 'it's only one day' to myself, and of course it is, when you are 40 years old. When you are 6 or 7 years old though it's not 'only one day', it's the day. The day that they have been building up to all month long with advent calendars, carol singing, tree decorating, present buying, card writing and receiving.