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Christmas progress

As a child our Christmas tree was always a real one, the smell of pine is something that I've always associated with Christmas and having a real tree is a must have for me. My husband would rather go down the less hassle artificial route, but not me. Besides whilst disposing of the tree last year I made a new tradition - making something from part of the trunk. I spent a jolly fine morning with my axe and woodworking knife fashioning a spatula which has been useful in the kitchen ever since!

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Blogging, where it all went wrong (and then right)

Firstly I'd like to acknowledge that this blog post contains my personal thoughts on aspects of blogging, commercial blogging and e-courses which are not aways positive. These are simply my feelings and are not any aggressive words directed at any individuals. I've been blogging enough to have seen many post written where people start whispering to each other 'ooo who does she mean?' - this most definitely isn't one of those. 

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Getting into Christmas early

I never get excited about Christmas early. Ever. Until now. Kitty's infectious and boundless enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. She tells me there's been talk at school that 'parents are really Father Christmas' but that she doesn't believe it because she knows that parents wouldn't be so cruel to lie to their children for years and years. 

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