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Sunday Rituals

Sundays are very much family days for us. Since I've started having Sunday's off work this day has been transformed, dare I say it, I'm even slipping into a day of rituals. Now 'ritual' is one of these words, a bit like 'authenticity' that's insta-trendy. Words like these I usually try to avoid using, because using a word that sometimes makes me roll my eyes just feels a bit silly. Maybe the problem lies with me, in that I've never really been one to have habits, a regular this-is-what-I-do groove, rituals.

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Nature's "Loafers"

The New Forester is a loafer, a dreamer of dreams, a poet, in all but the production. He is content to be a fly on the wheel of life without caring to help its impetus; he is, in fact, somewhat of a "gentleman," in his kindly, idle gentleness. But monotonous work he will not do. For a while he may gratefully accept it; but when the haymaking or rine-ing come round he will take his leave of you, very courteously but very firmly, and will express no penitence if you find him loafing idly in the Forest - his market place - when these occasional jobs are over. Doubtless there are worse ways of life; but a result of this lack of sticking power is that the forester rarely excels - "unstable as water," etc.

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How I have started to slow life down

Doing offline things slowly has been relatively easy to do, ironically quite quickly, because the results on how I was feeling were glaringly obvious. Happier, less tired, more content, relaxed.

I am only at the beginning of slowing things down and have been trying to do so intuitively rather than doing 'generic slow living things'. I have started by trying to recognize moments in the day where I feel more tense than others, the idea being I'll work on little chunks of life a bit of a time to see if it's possible to positively improve my day. Here's the first thing moments of my day that I identified as 'things I do but don't really enjoy as much as I know I could':

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(v) Slowlived

I think there's something really special about this time of year, it provokes you to slow down. To spend time in the kitchen making stews and crumbles, to savour long walks, to enjoy the day before the night draws in early, to sit by the fireside and just  be still. 

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