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Makelight Retreat 2016

Retreats feel more suited to me, less blogging themed and more creative lead, meeting people outside of my usual circle of online friends; creatives setting up their own businesses and those genuinely interested in exploring their own creativity as opposed to all-things-blogging.

Willow Sculpture for the Garden workshop with Judith Needham at Roots, Shoots & Leaves

Recently I spent what can only be described as a 'thoroughly enjoyable day' learning willow sculpture at a Willow Sculpture for the Garden workshop at local Roots, Shoots & Leaves.  The super talented Judith Needham (who's willow fairy tale dens and playhouses you need to see!) taught our group the skills needed to make something pretty darn cool for our gardens. Some of the group already had and idea of what we wanted to make whilst other's weren't so sure, luckily Judith had brought along some examples to inspire!