Why I'm no longer Annie Spratt

Fable & Folk

I mean I am Annie Spratt in real life, but online, social media  wise I'm now going by @fableandfolk.

Having spoken to Lucy at River Cottage last week I've decided to take the plunge and start doing photography properly, you know, like grown ups do, for work. It's totally scary but then some of the best things in life are aren't they? I've just landed my second paid job styling products for a brand and, well, I thought that I should probably sort out an actual photography website for that sort of thing. The anniespratt.com domain seems the obvious choice.

The Fable & Folk name is simply going to be the umbrella name I use, a sort of 'this is everything' thing. Before now all my social profiles linked to Mammasaurus.co.uk, which is fine, except that that's not where I want people who want to see everything I am about and what I do to go.

Hence the change. Sorry for any confusion short term! Now let's kick things of nicely, who fancies winning this lovely olive wood pestle and mortar from Urbanara? 

Bring some Mediterranean love into the kitchen with this pestle and mortar. Crafted from the finest olive wood, this good looking creation will come in handy for grinding spices and concocting delicious summer dressings. Sourced from old olive trees no longer producing olives in Italy, Spain, Greece and France, olive wood can be depended on for its density and antibacterial properties. A non-toxic finish completes the look of this naturally beautiful tableware. - Price £28.00

Good luck

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