Where some of your Sport Relief money goes: Extratime, Brighton after-school club for special needs and mainstream children

Extratime, Brighton
Extratime, Brighton

With Team Honk Relay in full flow now and awesome bloggers, friends and communities coming together to raise money for Sport Relief, I thought it the perfect time to share one of the UK projects that benefits from monies raised...

Extratime in Brighton, East Sussex, is anafter-school club which helps young people with disabilities who have very few opportunities for sports and leisure outside of their schools and colleges. With many going to special schools away from their immediate neighbourhood, feelings of social isolation can be compounded as they are not getting to mix with young people in the community where they live. Extratime aims to work closely with the centre managers and youth workers, providing them with training and ongoing support for the young people with disabilities via volunteer befrienders.

Rebecca Jenner, director of the project, co-founded Extratime after she became frustrated with the lack of out-of-school care for her daughter, Rosie. Rosie 18, has Rett syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes severe mental and physical disability in early childhood. Rebecca spent two years planning and working voluntarily to develop an inclusive after-school club for special needs and mainstream children aged five to 16. At Extratime, children usually have free playtime in the playground and then the canteen is used to do activities. There is a theme each day and children will engage in arts and crafts, with a beach hut space for quiet time.

“I wanted to have a place that was fun and safe for my child and there wasn’t anywhere. By providing affordable, accessible childcare to families with severely disabled children we enable parent carers to pursue training opportunities, return to or stay in employment, spend valuable time with non-disabled siblings or allow them to take a much needed break from their caring responsibilities.It gives these families the chance to raise their standard of living and alleviates some of the stress caring for a disabled child places on family relationships. It all started in 2003 and now we have five clubs.”- Rebecca

Extratime, Brighton
Extratime, Brighton

Some facts: One in 20 children under 16 in the UK is disabled. At the age of 26, people with disabilities are nearly four times as likely to be unemployed or involuntarily out of work than non-disabled people and there are currently 1.3 million people with disabilities who are available for and want work.*

Looking at those statistics one can really begin to see just how valuable helping youngsters with disabilities actively involved in local communities, providing them with the confidence whilst supporting their carers.


If you haven't already donated to the Team Honk Relays sponsorship page , please consider it - the link is here.

Alternatively you can donate to Extratime directly - the link is here. If you live in the Brighton area, Extratime now has it's own Charity Shop, for information on how to donate items or to volunteer to help, please see here.

*Source: Papworth Trust



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