'What have you gone and done now Annie?'


Confused? I expect you are. Same domain, new name. Can I do that? Is that a doable thing? I don't see why not.I have yearned a change for a while. It's completely impractical and some would say barking mad to toss aside my mammasaurus domain but honestly it's not a name that I'm happy with. I wrestle with the whole name thing far more than I actually need to, it's daft really it is.

I have loved Folklings, the calmness, the name, the people. I love what it represents. People sharing the things they love 'just because'. My world needs more of that in it. So I've picked it up and brought it here where it will sit next to my own blog. My blog, my tales are Fable and folklings is now Folk.

Between you and me I feel really 'meh' about blogging at the moment. Not about the actual act of blogging, I am enjoying that more than ever, but about aspects of wider blogging 'thing'. Comment rings, sharing threads, more and more advice on what we 'should' be doing are sucking the joy out of it for me, personally. Not that there's anything wrong with those things per say, I just feel that more than ever there's a great sense of smoke and mirrors, people sharing and commenting on things in a way that they naturally wouldn't have and well, it all seems a bit off balance, too much'me' and too little 'us'. I used to view these things as bloggers 'supporting each other' but I've grown to see it as an amplification of artificial noise. It's only recently that I've stopped to wonder just how the people who love and tend their blogs feel about it all, who would so love to increase their outreach but lack the inclination or the time that taking part in these reciprocal things use.

And that's why, more than ever before, I wanted to change the way I blog. I'm feeling disillusioned with many aspects of it if I'm honest, but the most important parts, the love of taking photos, blogging and surrounding myself with good-hearted people is intact and stronger than ever. Blogging is what you make it and if you aren't happy with how things are going in your corner of it there's only one person who can instill a positive shift, and that's you.

If you want to drive yourself into the ground, checking stats, traffic, which of your posts are the most popular, commenting rings, sharing rings, analytics , social share share share then that's cool, that's your choice and I'm not going to tell you that I think you are wrong for doing so. But, long term, the happiest people, those who feel rewarded, the biggest sense of personal value are going to be those people blogging for the love of blogging. Those people making true friends, real connections that are not based on any 'agreement to reciprocate'. Those quiet people that are blogging with soul, shine and stand out amongst the opportunity-getting pro bloggers and the most beautiful thing about it is that they don't even realise it. Honest, not contrived, soulful and not an ego in sight.

So yeah, in short, mini-crisis, change in outlook, name change, merging Folklings and naturally don't worry! In other news, Helloitsgemma, one of those soulful sorts I just described, has been celebrating her 5th blog anniversary this week with a really positive series of posts, the perfect pick me up after this post of lame angst - do take a look at the post: Five, Celebrate, Wisdom & Gifts.

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