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0 thoughts on “Watersports at Mark Warner, Levante, Rhodes”

  1. Oh the crazy sofa! We LOVED this on our last holiday in Barbados! I’m really keen to try some more watersports now the kids are getting older, and I love that Mark Warner do it at every age level. I think it would be so much fun for them.

  2. SO much fun! We were lucky enough to go to Levante last year and I totally agree with everything here. It’s AMAZING! And you’re so right on the kids clubs – I felt guilty on the mornings mine DIDN’T go in because they were missing so much fun! I love that the activities change every hour. And the waterspouts were a highlight of our holiday too. xx

  3. The colour of that water just makes me want to book alone… Stunning! I do love Greece, and I do love the sound of lots of fantastic childcare!

  4. Oh my goodness, the colour of that sea is so amazing. It just makes me want to get on a plane tomorrow. It all sounds so wonderful and how lovely that the children get such great activities too. I am very jealous.

  5. I Could never do any of the activities above….I am just a bit too scared but it looks lovely and I am sure that my hubs would go for it!

  6. This looks like something my lot would love – I’d be like you taking photos from the beach though x x

  7. YAY! This makes me so excited for our time there next week- I literally cannot wait. The watersports was great fun last year and I was so proud of my little then three year old doing windsurfing with her childcare group. May have to try the kayak safari. x

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