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0 thoughts on “Visiting the Acropolis of Lindos”

  1. I stayed in Lindos on holiday about 15 years ago – was beautiful, thanks for reminding me of happy memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh my lordy!! That drop has made me feel a little faint. I am not good with heights, let alone steep drops. I love the history of it all and would have to explore but I think it would be me needing my hand held any where near the edge!

  3. Lindos looks fabulous and your photos really do it justice, you have sucha great eye Annie. Mich x

  4. Stunning stunning pictures as usual. I love the one of all the white roofs – looks like it should be on one of those National Geographic/views from the sky photo collections.

  5. I love Greece and we go on holiday every year! Lindos is on my list of places to visit, but we managed to get there yet. Although I used to be friends with someone who went every single year.
    Lovely photos too.

  6. How exciting to get a donkey ride. It is stunning Annie, as are your pics. I think I would have to put G on a leash to take him here ha ha! We loved seeing the Acropolis in Athens, just unbelievable isn’t it all?

  7. We saw the biggest yacht/boat in Old Town Rhodes. When we got back to the hotel we googled it’s name and found it belongs to a multi-billionaire Mexican chap. Oh to be able to take off and moor up a huge vessel anywhere you fancy….

  8. I am terrible with heights and drops and on this holiday there were a few staircases with sheer drops to the side and no hand rail that really tested me!

  9. Ahhh you are most welcome. I was amazed at the love for Lindos on instagram – so many people have such good memories from there it seems x

  10. What an absolute beautiful place! I would love to visit and I am sure that my husband would love it there too. Your photographs make the place so inviting Annie x

  11. That looks beautiful and your photos are amazing – I love Greece but we haven’t been in years!

  12. What a beautiful place! I really like all the greys, blues and whites, feels very tranquil and relaxing. That drop is a bit nail biting – I don’t think I’d trust myself anywhere near the edge. Did you come back with a suitcase stuffed full of ceramics?

  13. Picture postcard perfect Annie! Just imagining trying to keep hold of my three up there is giving me heart flutters though!

  14. Very cool Annie, and wonderful views. Also gorgeous photography – love the composition with the moped! X

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