Visiting Pulau Ubin, in photos

Handy info for visiting Pila Ubin

Getting there and back

The boats only leave when they are full, requiring 12 people per sail. This can take an hour or longer of waiting, especially at lunch times, though if you offer to pay for the extra spaces they will sail right away.

Sailing times

The first boat leaves between 5-6am and the last boat is at 7pm


$3 per person per trip, $2 additional supplement if you take a bike.  Babies under 1 yr old travel free. 

Hiring a driver on the island

We hired Mr Yeo at a cost of $25 per hour. My Yo was born and has lived on the island for over 50 years so he's an excellent guide. As well as having two vans to hire, he also runs a bike hire business with his sister and sells refreshments.

Hiring a bike on Pila Ubin

The cost to hire a bike for a day is anywhere between $5-$10 per day depending on the type of bike. Mr Yeo also offers a bike wash service for $2.

Guided walks

Guided walks ocassionally run on the sands at low tide, these are always very popular and can book up weeks in advance.


There are inquisitive monkeys near the start of the mangrove walk. They go mad for plastic bags, which they associate with food, and have been known to snatch plastic bags from visitors - so if you have any, keep them out of sight!