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0 thoughts on “Using a Polaroid 1000 Land Camera for the first time”

  1. This has made me think back to my childhood and the days when taking a photo was a precious thing, nowadays we take 100’s of photos without thinking but Polaroid snaps needed to be just right as you didn’t get many to play with.

  2. I’m sure my dad still has his old Polaroid camera somewhere – I love those things!

  3. I have a little polaroid image of my husband and I, I found it again only yesterday and I’d forgot about the really unique feel it give to the photographs. Lovely post!

  4. I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera but wow that film is expensive… love the retro feel of your success shots. I bet you were grinning all day!

  5. I remember having one of these when I was younger, but never having any film for it so it was just a play camera. It make me wonder where it got to and who has it now!

  6. Polaroids remind me so much of my childhood, I’d love to get my hands on one now – never thought of looking on Ebay!

    Please tell me you sang ‘shake it like a polaroid picture’?

  7. My Nan had a Polaroid camera just like that, & these pics remind me so much of hers. It’s amazing how far photography has come in the last 2 or 3 decades.

  8. My BFF had a Polaroid camera as a kid.It was a short lived as you say it’s expensive.Watching Breakfast telly this morning they talked about Polaroid cameras and the decline in people processing photos they take.I’m not tempted to go down the Polaroid route, even the Polaroid Zip Instant Polaroid Printer is very expensive to print off your photos.I need to look into printing photos and start photo albums again.

  9. Hey! i have the same camera but when i take photos they all come out with a purple/red tinge across them… have you experienced this?

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