Tips for trouble sleeping (for when you just can't)

Lately I've been having a really hard time getting to sleep at night. I feel tired, but I find myself tossing and turning for hours before finally nodding off, only to wake up at the same time in the morning.

One or two nights I can take but I get really irritable after any longer. I suspect it's because I have a big trip coming up and my mind is running overtime with what to pack and the usually worries like what if there's a problem or no body else on the trip (it's a photography workshop) likes me. Yup the usual things. Deep down I know I'll be fine and will love it, but that's the thing with our fears, they are usually completely unfounded.

So I asked on Instagram expecting a couple of helpful replies, but was overwhelmed with good advice so I thought I'd share some of the tips I received here too, in case someone else can make good use of them.

Tips for trouble sleeping (for when you just can't)

Emma Brooks : I’ve found yoga nidra to be really useful and listening to a bedtime story via the @insight app I love listening to Glenda Cedarleaf

BertieChic : Chamomile tea is very good!

lolahibou : Valerian tea and melatonin pills or drops. Both completely natural and effective. 💕💤💤

makedoandpush : Bath with a book, then a mug of Snooze tea from TeaPigs with your book 👍🏻

josephinepbrooks : I’ve been struggling with sleeping recently too. I downloaded the calm app, just the free version, and I listen the the dulcet tones of Stephen fry and that seems to get me off to sleep. I also drink hot milk before bed and I have this calm balm stuff from @yellow.gorse which smells of lavender, I think that helps too. I hope you get back to your normal sleep pattern soon!

_isabellenecessaryonabike : I've found that an eye pillow works wonders for me just to fall asleep. People use them in yoga, but I use it for bed! It's the slight weight on my eyes that seems to do the trick. You can get eye pillows that also have a lavender scent to them. Search up Halfmoon Yoga products!

dirtyprettyvintage : I’ve always struggled with sleeping but find Lush’s sleepy lotion helps massively and makes me drowsy. If my minds too busy I focus my thoughts on just my breathing which helps.

apriljharris : The Headspace app. I’m a seriously reluctant meditator, but it honestly works. There’s a section just about Sleep once you’ve done the basics. It’s a 10 minute a day investment (and of course the subscription cost) but it’s changing my life!

faintglimmersofcivilization : I listen to a white noise app called Shhh and find it always helps me to nod off.

oseiusfloruit : I usually diffuse some lavender oil when I know Ineed to get to sleep quickly. I’ll add in eucalyptus sometimes to further ease into deep breathing for rest.

amandanicolechase : Journaling may help clear your head. Also try reading for a while. Basically don’t try to force yourself to sleep when you’re tossing and turning. Do something until you get tired enough to fall asleep.

waldemarbrandt67 : I sometimes go for a walk in the evening to rest.

yugandhara.writes : Lavender ice cream it helps to sleep ♥ 

forget_me_not_originals: Reading always helps me. 

a.little.adventure : Try @adrienelouise's Bedtime yoga, I always find it so relaxing.

gracieogram : Write lists of all the things you need to do and when, get it out of your head before you try and sleep.

wildgraceapothecary : I like magnesium and Valerian or Motherwort for helping me get to sleep.

annie.louise.smith : I used to sleep terribly before taking up yoga. I'd recommend the @yogastudioapp if you prefer slow movements and are really new to it or @asanarebel if you want to sweat it out. Both amazing apps that I use daily. There's something about physical tiredness that makes sleep easier than mental tiredness that just seems to keep me awake. The guided meditation on the studio app is great. It's taken time but I've learnt to still my mind and accept all the nonsense that's spinning around in it whilst still being present in this moment.

amyclarkeartist : Lavender oil on your pillow. Camomile tea and deep breaths into your tummy.

robynvh2 : There is a podcast called “Sleep with me”. Drew Ackerman records a couple of times a week but there hundreds of episodes available. Hard to describe but he basically tells stories that meander all over the place until you can’t follow your own thoughts and then it bores you to sleep. 

toots1272 : Currently taking valerian (1000mg per tab - boss dose 😉). 1/2 hour before bedtime. Like a few of the ladies said...lavender oil - few drops dispersed around pillow a bit before bedtime too. Not the best sleeper at times also, so I'm dabbling with 'Headspace', the meditation app. Basic exercises. Nice voice-over. Works a treat to relax. Hope some or any of this helps.

S. Jen Owens : Similar to other suggestions, I often use guided meditation, but I use the Calm app. There's a decent, small selection of free relaxation/sleep meditations, though I subscribe because I use it so much. Also, melatonin. I don't use it often but it's my backup plan.


If you too are having trouble sleeping I hope you find a solution that works too - I'm going to start trying some of these!

Thanks to everyone for the advice x