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12 thoughts on “Thingvellir National Park”

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning Annie. I’ve always longed to travel there – it looks amazing. S x

  2. there are like 4 colours in these pictures and I mean than in the nicest possible way – the simplicity of complex landscapes in beautiful… SHOUTS: MORE PLEASE!!!!! ICELAND ICELAND etc etc.

  3. Beautiful images, you cannot even tell there is a lack of any light in your days. I also love the how consistent all your images are, you have an amazing eye. I am glad to have found your blog to follow.

  4. It must be such a thrill to visit. You know it’s on my bucket list, and I do wonder when the best time of year would be to go, to really appreciate all the splendour. I’d naturally want to go in winter, because I imagine the ice and snow and cold to be breathtaking. My nephew lived in Sweden and although he loved it, he came back after a couple of years because the winters got him down in the end. Barely any light all day must be hard. But fascinating for a visit. Beautiful!

  5. Totally get that – a lot of the photos just have white snow, golden grass and pale blue sky in – like some nordic jumper colour scheme just waiting to be made into a jumper…

  6. Alas no ponies – but I did see some – but I couldn’t photograph them as there was nearly an accident with fellow tourist noobs braking and swerving off road to try and get to them too and it all seemed a bit too dangerous and silly for a photo of some ponies. But then I do live where there are a lot of ponies so I reckon a lot of their appeal is wasted on me!

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