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Things to do in New York: Luna Park, Coney Island, New York

On such a grey and wet day here in the UK I thought I would share these photos that I took at Luna Park, Coney Island on our trip to New York last month. Last month? Can it really only be last month we went? I feel like an age ago now. These blue skies and happy colours won my heart on the trip, it's a great place - one I hope to return to one day.

The white wooden roller coaster you see in the photos above is Cyclone and I've added a You Tube video of a front seat HD ride in it which is pretty special. Cyclone first opened in 1927 and it's something of a legend. 2,640 feet of track, 12 drops, 27 elevation changes and an exhilarating 85-foot, 60-degree plunge at speeds of 60 mph. Holly and Iain went on it - I took photos and that close enough for me as I'm something of a 'fairground ride scaredycat'. It looks kinda old, and you see bits of it wobble as the carriages hurtle round it which didn't help my fear. My companions goaded me to go on but I sent them on first and they both walked off the ride afterwards, took one look at me and said 'whatever you do - don't go on that!' I didn't need telling twice. If you aren't a big girls blouse do go on if you visit, it's an iconic Americal wooden rollercoaster!

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