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0 thoughts on “Things to do in New York: Walk over Brooklyn Bridge”

  1. Oh my Annie your photos are stunning and really make the most of the Brooklyn Bridge. I hope to visit for myself one day, great tip about getting the Subway across to Brooklyn then walking back to Manhattan

  2. It’s my dream to visit New York at least once in my lifetime and your pictures of the bridge and all the others I’ve seen on Facebook make me want to achieve faster rather than later! Everything looked brilliant!

  3. Oh wow how amazing is that. I can’t believe you managed so many stunning pictures without everyone in the way taking selfies (like in London). The leading lines are just perfect and loving the stickers and locks.

  4. It was such a nice trip Otilia – the people were really friendly and the different areas so, well, different. I hope you get there one day yourself. I have a similar longing to do a motorhome trip through the Rockies in Canada so I know that yearning all too well!

  5. Amazing photographs! I’ve loved seeing all the pictures of your trip and this post is beautiful. I love the way that the walkway is raised above the level of the road, the views look stunning.

  6. Oh man alive!!!! These are stunning!!! I so want a play with that camera!! I loved walking over the bridge, although we and a very grey day when e went the pop of blue skies is just stunning against the locks! xx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with the colours and the tone of these pictures. You’ve got some really striking lines here too. Amazingly fabulous!

  8. We had a grey day for the Statue of Liberty when we went. A real mix of sunny and very hot and grey, rainy and still rather too warm for my liking. That camera is fab, it’s gone back now and I’m all bereft!

  9. I love these pics. I have never been to NY. Well that is not true, I did, but eight hours in teh airport on a stop over to California from London doesnt really count, does it? I want to go more than ever after following your travels for a week.

    And I can’t get over how like you Holly looks.

  10. Annie, these photographs are mind blowing. The quality is phenomenal. I’ve been to NY a couple of time but not walked the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m planning a trip next year with my mum for my 40th and this is definitely on my to do list.

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