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0 thoughts on “The walk on from Pig Bush”

  1. oh…. it’s so beautiful where you live Annie. all those trees and moss…. even if you get water in your boots. it’s all worth it. xx

  2. What beautiful bird song ……….loved it ………..and the fallen tree with moss, so relaxing when you’re surrounded by spectacular scenery .

  3. I like walking along sometimes – it does give you a chance to take in nature and I think you spot a lot more. Stunning pics. I have never owned a body warmer (confession time), so was intrigued to hear how you found it.

  4. There’s nothing quite a boot full of bog water! But worth it for those stunning views surely! The new forest is so beautiful – you’re very lucky to have it on your door step!

  5. Annie your photos are always so inviting, they make me want to pop on my boots and head off on an adventure. I never knew why Birch trees turned rusty, a beautiful capture

  6. Wow, I’m totally blown away by your photos, beautiful. The New Forest is somewhere I’ve spent a very minimal amount of time in and I really want to go and explore properly. Even more so now that you’ve inspired me.xx

  7. What stunning photo’s Annie. You live in a wonderful part of the country. Being outside makes me really happy too

  8. What stunning photo’s Annie. You live in a wonderful part of the country. Being outside makes me really happy too

  9. Beautiful Annie, such a lovely calm post. Your walk did you good. I’ve been thinking this week that I absolutely need to do the same – have been on the computer too much and now that T is at school 5 days instead of 3 I’ve been doing far less outdoor stuff. Not healthy. You’ve inspired me to get my boots on and get out this week, thank you xxx

  10. Stunning photos. I love walking in the woods and the countryside. I too need to get outside more.

  11. Gorgeous photos as always but made even more gorgeous by that recording – I could listen to that all day. Thanks for sharing x x

  12. Lovely photos, While we live near a fantastic reserve i’s nothing like the new forest. The birdsong – tranquillity at it’s finest.

  13. Stunning photography as ever! Really rich colours too. And I just loved looking at them and listening to the gorgeous birdsong at the same time. And so right about on-line time: if you’re not careful it can pull you right in – so good that you managed to step back and go on this lovely walk. X

  14. Time out is always time well spent in my books. Whether it is running, walking or playing being outside is good.

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