New Year, New News

 New job

Happy New Year! Well here's a post that I didn't think I would be writing. Yesterday I started a job, a full time job. My dream job that is challenging, rewarding and as limitless as the creativity and enthusiasm that I can put into it. I've been bursting to share the news ever since I found out on New Year's Eve but I didn't want to jinx anything and preferred to wait until I actually started.

I'm part of the Crew team, working on the Unsplash community.  

I've mentioned Unsplash on here before and if you have been in my company personally over the past couple of months you will likely have heard me raving about the website and some of the pretty cool things that have happened in my life as a result, like one of my photos being put on a bands EP cover and another on a book. Photos of mine have reached eyes of people that would never have seen them otherwise and raised my profile as a photographer, take a look at this for example:

The Unsplash community isn't just photographers, it's creatives, typographers, artists and bloggers like (possibly) you and me and it's great to be involved in bringing all those people together to build something bigger and better. I've a head full of ideas and am beyond thrilled. As well as planning, experimenting, dealing with inquiries, helping arrange Meet Ups I'll also be running the Unsplash Twitter feedUnsplash Instagram feed, giving a lot of love to the @MadewithUnsplash Instagram feed & Unsplash Facebook page. These are accounts that share beautiful hi-res totally free to use stock photos, many of which are great for blog posts and quotes (again if you are a blogger!) so please do follow along.

  image via @icinizdekisanat on Instagram, one of the creatives remixing with Unsplash

image via @icinizdekisanat on Instagram, one of the creatives remixing with Unsplash

A full time job means some changes here on my blog. Yes I will still be posting regularly,though possibly more photo-led stuff. The only other change blog wise is that I'm going to add a link to an Instagram photo from my blog post to leave a comment on if you would like to chat. Over Christmas I gave a lot of thought to how I would manage my time and how I felt about blogging. Comments feel, well a bit like 'half a conversation'. You leave a comment, I reply to it, you rarely see that reply and it's that sort of unnecessary noise that I want to cut back on. I speak to most of my readers regularly on Instagram already so it's more keeping our conversations over there where we can both find them easily.

And as for you mum, you'll have to email me!

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