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7 thoughts on “The July List”

  1. What photographs! AMAZING Annie. Seriously – please please share you lightroom tips, how to get such rich moody tones. IN LOVE! xx

  2. I love a good catch up post and really excited to hear your future plans. Totally divine photographs lady xxxx

  3. Apple crumble bake picks jaw up off floor. I need to make this. I would have liked to go on the Winter Retreat but we’ll be on our honeymoon around then. If the retreat is after we’ll probably be living off beans because I’ll have spent all our money on Icelandic jumpers!! Enjoy your new old book. x

  4. Totally love the way you’ve presented this post, Annie! And interspersed with those gorgeous floral shots! Feel similarly about the whole Brexit thing. There’s been a lot of nastiness doing the rounds… Hmmm. Love the sound of that apple crumble bake… May need to investigate further!

  5. Sooo glad I found out about the winter retreat – booked 🙂 🙂 I love wearing dresses non stop in the summer but am always wearing wellies or some ankle boots with them so I can still tramp through fields and mud puddles taking photos.

  6. The winter retreat sounds wonderful for time out, relaxing, making and just general transition to a different season. Bliss.

    I too was surprised at the attitudes against some votes in the referendum too Everyone has the chance to vote – young people could get hit by a bus and be outlived by their older relatives. As long as people did think about their vote, that’s their choice.

    Fingers crossed for the weather for Latitude. I’m hold out for the weekend after, and the first week of school holidays because it’s our camping trip, and there’s a danger some will pull out if it’s wet

  7. Your photos are stunning, Annie.
    As for the Brexit stuff… Yes, I’ve been surprised by the attitudes of some. Even a relative who visited us was talking about finding out who’d voted Leave at work and giving them what for. I was too scared to mention the word ‘Democracy’. Seems to have brought out the worst in both sides – I cannot bear the horrible xenophobia either, and the abuse hurled at people who are not British born.
    Sigh… Anyway. I’ve never baked a scone either. That and Bakewell tart have been on my must-do list for quite some time.

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