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0 thoughts on “The importance of getting outdoors in the Summer holidays”

  1. …and just like that you make me want to whip out my camera and try to take anything as good as these photos. Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant. X

  2. Such beautiful photos and I agree about getting outside. My lot have been surgically removed from their screens and forced outside this holiday and they are so much better when they are out.

  3. Annie, i don’t even know what to say about these pictures. just when i think your photography can’t get any better, they do. these are so whimsical and magical. drooling! xx

  4. These photos are incredible! I can feel the magic of childhood in them, the wind on your daughter’s hair, her inquisitive look as she looks at her book or the sheer joy in the last photo – <3

  5. Beautiful words (the pictures speak for themselves, they really are magical). The part about keeping your home a sanctuary, really struck a cord with me. We been cooped up recently, and I cant wait to spend some more time outdoors to let them unwind and explore.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. We don’t really have woods near us, but just letting N roam out on the farm, or getting out to chuck the frisbee or watch the cows in the field, really does calm every bit of irritation down. Plus it means less mess inside, as he can make a mess outside instead (that’s the theory anyway).

    Fabulous photos – love the walking on the tree trunk. It just looks so immense and makes them look tiny.

  7. Ah such a lovely post, you are right, the home should be a sanctuary. Gorgeous pictures x

  8. I find nature so healing. There are so many sights and sounds, things to climb and jump over without being overstimulating for the kids.
    Stunning pictures. You really captured the atmosphere of the forest so well.
    So glad to have found your beautiful site today!

  9. Oh definitely – outdoors is always the answer to cabin fever, and isn’t it lovely in the summer when that doesn’t mean twenty layers of waterproofs and a hat! You have such beautiful outdoors near you too!

  10. Sometimes it feels like the easy option to stay indoors however you always feel so much better after getting outdoors.

  11. How I Love THIS! so true. Am a great believer in getting out. I’ve grown a boy that loves walking and it makes such a difference. Parents and children drive each other bonkers – fact. What I love about being outside is just that extra bit of space between us. Together but slightly further apart. Just works.

  12. Yes! I find that if I go outdoors regularly I enjoy my time at home and so does bear. If we don’t get out home turns into a stressful battleground where I get down about stuff that doesn’t really matter like the cleaning and Bear plays up out of boredom. Home is a happier place when we go out and experience nature.

  13. Totally Nikki. There’s a place for screen time and I’m all for it, like you, in moderation. But Ozzy can get a bit, well crazed, if he plays on his kindle too much x

  14. It can be daunting getting them all outside especially if it’s been raining a lot – digging out wellies, waterproofs etc can be a bit of a pain but it’s so worth it!

  15. Tomes that that I realise they are just tiny. Kitty is very maternal to Ozzy and at home they seem so grown up, making their own drinks, planning games, helping out (Kitty likes to clean the bathroom I have no idea why but I’m not going to argue!) And it’s easy for me to think how ‘big’ they seem now, but take them outdoors in the forest and they are just small children running wild!

  16. Exactly that, the dynamic changes a touch doesn’t it? There’s that freedom outside that doesn’t exist at home. Apart from the odd ‘that fungi is dangerous be sure not to touch it’ style warnings there’s nothing out of bounds, nothing much that can’t be jumped on and always something new to see. Kitty always comes home with something she’s found – might be a nut, might be a hand painted ladybird stone she’s unearthed (true!), might be a balloon who’s string is caught up in brambles, might be an old bottle…. all treasure when you are 7!

  17. These open public spaces around us really are an extension of our homes. People often think of their home as the house, the garden, the plot but it’s much more than that it’s the community and the spaces around us 🙂

  18. The reason I moved back to where I grew up is because of the access to outdoor spaces.We’re all so much calmer after we come back from a long walk, making life at home more pleasurable.

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