The December List


Well here it is, my final pre-Christmas post as I retreat to the bosom of my family for the festive period. A break from things often frees your mind and opens it up to new thoughts and ideas, I know I always return to blogging after Christmas feeling all refreshed and ready to take on another year, not to mention loaded with heaps of photos!

4kphoto candle burning

· making ·  The bookcases that I mentioned we were making from old scaffold boards in The November List are finished *happy dances* All we need to do is alphabetize the 700+ CDs onto the smaller shelves… a job for an evening with a brandy of two me thinks. We’re really pleased with them! I’ve also been putting my dolls house assembling skills to the test erecting this  Dolls House from the Great Little Trading Company (who I love – remember my office corner wall tidy?) for my niece.

 · cooking ·  The children are just beginning to enjoy curries and chilli which is most welcome as Al and I are huge curry fans who love making them from scratch. Really excited to be able to show Kit and Ozzy how to make a curry and the different spices involved. My Christmas Pudding making was a raging success (thanks to my mother-in-law Mags for the recipe and guidance). These were the first two xmas puds I have ever made so it’s a big morale boost that they turned out nicely – we started eating one last night. Fully Christmassy now!


 · reading ·  This book, a gift from Katie handed to me at the Folklings Bivuoac meet recently…

Children of the New Forest

and this book…

Dan Snow's Photography

Self-published by Dan Snow, Dan Snow’s Photography features a selection of his Instagram photos from the year. Find Dan on Instagram at @thehistoryguy. Beautifully bound and full of inspiring photos this would make, and no disrespect is intended here, a great ‘bathroom book’. Easy to dip in and out of and enjoy the images and day dream of far flung places.


 · enjoying ·  Unsplash Instant Chrome extension. It gives you a beautiful photo as the background when you open a new browser tab. So much nicer than the boring grey background, genius idea.


image via Unsplash here


 · waiting ·  For our new stereo to be fixed. We treated ourselves to a Denon music centre thingy, it arrived, we updated the firmware and it borked up. So it’s being sent back and we are waiting for a replacement. Looks like everyone will have to settle for me singing them the greatest festive hits after all…

Festive photo

 · wondering ·  About the future. Blogging specifically. 2016 looks to be the year that I write less and photograph more. Tbh other than ‘catching up with the news’ posts like this I really loathe writing. Sharing photos however, I love. Is it time for a change? I feel very much on the verge of big changes or something new.


 · loving ·  Firesides, stews, baking cakes, wrapping myself in blankets, the wind on my face and the promise of having the children home for a couple of weeks – and of course – no more school run!


 · wearing · Wearing vests. I made the move. I feel snug. Leggings under jeans or trousers on cold days. Thick socks and warm gloves. Man, I am getting OLD.


 · following · @flora.forager (spied via Jenna Michelle Pink)

@wealdstore – Charmaine’s new venture, her online store Weald Store

weald store

Weald is a purveyor of unique homeware & lifestyle finds; a curated selection of beautiful items sourced from independent designers.

We value heritage and love items that are good for the soul. Each and every item we have chosen has a story to tell and we would love to share it with you.

We work closely with a select group of artisans and artists in the United Kingdom as well as further afield, aiming to offer you a unique range of products which will hopefully enhance and complement your everyday life.



 · noticing · That there’s so much that I don’t see. My recent foray into 4K photography with the Panasonic Lumix LX100 has made me realize that so much happens so fast, it’s only when you see it broken down into tiny chunks that you see just how much beauty and awesomeness you miss in the blink of an eye. Going off on a tangent, it’s also made me interested in getting into macro photography.


· bookmarking ·  I have a ‘For later’ folder on my bookmarks bar, at the moment I have these bookmarked:  This print to buy and  Clickin’ it Old School and Looks Like Film to inspire me (not to actually use film but rather as inspiration for edit effects to emulate).


 · giggling ·  At a Christmas card from (the new look) Mummy Barrow that turned out to be Satan’s own handiwork. I opened it and press the ‘Press Here’ button only to discover that once it starts playing Jungle Bells it doesn’t stop playing it for FIVE HOURS. FIVE HOURS! At one point I was jumping on the card and it still wouldn’t stop. In the end I snipped the back of the card to stop it! Thanks Baz…  


 · hoping ·  That everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
9 replies on “ The December List ”
  1. That coffee cup shot, Annie! My mouth is still hanging open in awe… It’s INCREDIBLE! Need to go and read up on this 4K thing!! Oh, and "Children of the New a Forest"? One of my faves… Enjoy! PS… Please don’t stop writing completely 😉

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you have a wonderful time in the bosom…

    But also: do. not. dare. stop. writing. in the New Year! (I got tired of putting in all the .s that sentence really needed…) If you move to pictures only then where will I find that refreshing mix of honesty and humour and comments about retiring to the bosom of the family?! I’m so surprised to hear that you loathe writing when you do it so well! Please promise me at least the odd "catching up with the news" post to look forward to in 2016?

    Til then, have a wonderful break, sending lots of love and festive good cheer to you. xxxx

  3. Book case twins – we have some that look just like that in the living room, except they are made from upcycled railway sleepers. Laughing at the thought of your jumping on that card. Have a brilliant Christmas Annie!! x

  4. I love a list post. I’ve just inherited a vintage camera – it was my Grandads – a box thing. Chickin lickin is interesting… thank you.
    I think I read children of the new forest as a child….
    Happy Xmas xxx

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