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9 thoughts on “The December List”

  1. That coffee cup shot, Annie! My mouth is still hanging open in awe… It’s INCREDIBLE! Need to go and read up on this 4K thing!! Oh, and "Children of the New a Forest"? One of my faves… Enjoy! PS… Please don’t stop writing completely 😉

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you have a wonderful time in the bosom…

    But also: do. not. dare. stop. writing. in the New Year! (I got tired of putting in all the .s that sentence really needed…) If you move to pictures only then where will I find that refreshing mix of honesty and humour and comments about retiring to the bosom of the family?! I’m so surprised to hear that you loathe writing when you do it so well! Please promise me at least the odd "catching up with the news" post to look forward to in 2016?

    Til then, have a wonderful break, sending lots of love and festive good cheer to you. xxxx

  3. PS, I don’t know why I have stopped being logged in as Wolves in London, but just to say, it is me!

  4. Book case twins – we have some that look just like that in the living room, except they are made from upcycled railway sleepers. Laughing at the thought of your jumping on that card. Have a brilliant Christmas Annie!! x

  5. I love a list post. I’ve just inherited a vintage camera – it was my Grandads – a box thing. Chickin lickin is interesting… thank you.
    I think I read children of the new forest as a child….
    Happy Xmas xxx

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