Lepe Beach

Sundays are very much family days for us. Since I've started having Sunday's off work this day has been transformed, dare I say it, I'm even slipping into a day of rituals. Now 'ritual' is one of these words, a bit like 'authenticity' that's insta-trendy. Words like these I usually try to avoid using, because using a word that sometimes makes me roll my eyes just feels a bit silly. Maybe the problem lies with me, in that I've never really been one to have habits, a regular this-is-what-I-do groove, rituals.

Sundays are becoming almost predictable. Not in a 'Sunday again, same old same old, how boring' way, but in a 'Sunday again, same old same old, how comforting' manner.


Our Sunday Rituals


Breakfast & getting up

Lazy mid morning breakfast together at the kitchen table, 9/10 eggs & soldiers.

No getting dressed until at least 11am, later if possible. Bubble bath to accompany is preferable.

Kitty Spratt

Go for the Sunday walk.

The crucial element of any good Sunday. It's a time to talk about the week past and the week ahead, to decompress, depending on the weather to soak up the suns heat or to blow away the cobwebs, to explore, to be together doing something different without distractions. And for Kitty to practice her photo taking skills...

Annie Spratt Oscar Spratt

Post-walk film.

Watched in the snug part of our kitchen-dining-room-snug-office open plan extension space. This means I can flip between cuddling up to the children and making the all important Sunday meal. There's something about returning from a long walk, vegging out to the aromas of food cooking that just feels so good.


We usually have our Sunday main meal late afternoon. It's not always a Sunday roast, but we try to make it something a little special.

And that's it, the new family groove, the rituals. Things that work for all of us, things that make us happy - and look forward to Sundays.

Do you have Sunday rituals? Do share!