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4 thoughts on “188. HDYGG – Spring at The Hillier Gardens”

  1. A mighty fine collection of blooms! There’s always a part of me that is sad to see Winter go too. I’m happy to see the colour of Spring but I miss the frost, cold walks and snuggling up in a warm house. On the bright side, it means the garden will start to look less swampy. Wooooo!

  2. Oh those blue skies. I am so excited that spring is finally here. Blue skies, pretty flowers πŸ˜€ Happy Jenna.

  3. these are so stunning Annie! we had the mildest winter and now it has been full on freezing in march. our peach tree blossoms are all sad and wilted due to frost despite our efforts to cover them and i am really hoping this crazy weather has not done permanent damage to our tree and that we will still get peaches in the summer. xx

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