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0 thoughts on “Somerset Yurts, our second stay”

  1. Oh it looks so cosy. The fact that you’ve gone back for a second time speaks volumes.

    Love seeing the pictures of Lucy too, always a treat :0)

  2. Gorgeous pics as always.
    I do like the idea of this, am not a massive fan of camping but having an actual bed certainly makes it more attractive 🙂

  3. This is lovely Annie – so great seeing your photo’s! I love the one of your Mum and Chris trying to eat the Smores!! Thanks so much for sharing, and flying the Somerset Yurt flag 🙂 Hoping you can come again over the Summer and we can have a jaunt around Hestercombe in full bloom.

    I love Lucy’s yurt! Her children look so free and happy, wonderful… off to follow her on Instagram right now! Much love xxx

  4. Somerset Yurts is already firmly on my list of places I want to visit, but after reading this it just reinforces it. I too love Lucy’s blog and reading all about their yurt lifestyle. I wonder what she’s make of Somerset Yurts? I could well be a great meeting of minds from the two sides of the world!

  5. We had a GREAT time , Emma, and were very lucky with the weather ! Such a relaxing , peaceful site and very interesting places to visit close by ……… some of which are free !

    I think it showed that your Yurts / accommodation are suitable and cater for all ages , even those with moderate mobility problems !

  6. Thank you, Sandra – I am delighted you and Chris enjoyed your yurting experience with us! I am still chuckling at the Rubella shrub by the way 😉

  7. I am volunteering to visit Lucy’s yurt first! I’ve always wanted to go to NZ 😉

    It would be great to welcome you to Somerset Yurts, Penny 🙂

  8. Emma – if you haven’t been to NZ then you must. We went on our honeymoon and I completely loved it there. We even considered moving there before having kids. Such a wonderful place that has a certain magic about it.

  9. Thanks for commenting Granny San as I was actually wondering how you found the whole experience as I wondered if it was something my mum might enjoy with the family.

  10. Totally Penny, it’s fab because it’s so relaxed and the children can explore and play and makes everything so much less tense and easy going for everyone!

  11. I’m going to book those yurts too, I know I’ll like them. I’ve stayed in similar ones in Big Sur in California. But Somerset is just that much close!

  12. I remember your post from last year, and this is just as gorgeous. Looks like a perfect place for a break,really must try and book something as really want to make the most of this last summer before my daughter flies the nest (sobs) xx

  13. I remember your review last year very well and this time you have sold them even better! Lovely to see that pic of you and your mum. The whole place reeks of bliss X

  14. i have been wanting to do this for so long now. yurts just look so amazing. but then again so does the english country side…. xx

  15. Penny, It’s such a tranquil site ., beautiful scenery , bird song ………. Fyne Court( free ) and Hestercombe Gardens ( entry charge ) are simply stunning , with superb graduated walks to suit all ages and abilities . so nice that I over did it !! Breathtaking though . Willow and Wetlands visitor centre (free) is fascinating and well worth a visit . All are in close proximity to the Yurts . Basically, you can do as much or as little as you like ! I’m sure your mum would enjoy it !

  16. Oh this looks so special! I love seeing how Lucy lives in her yurt, like narrowboats it’s somewhere you can feel your not excluded from the natural world.

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