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8 thoughts on “Singapore Botanic Gardens”

  1. Oh gosh – I can’t decide if I like the garden or the food pictures more! What a wonderful place and to be open for 19 hours a day is amazing.
    PS – hope the jet lag has worn off!

  2. absolutely breathtaking. what an amazing experience Annie. these botanical gardens made me miss miami. slightly. so lush and so beautiful. and all those orchids…. xx

  3. The botanical gardens look delightful, so lush and full of life, such a contrast to our bare trees at the moment.

  4. Oh my goodness Annie, those gardens look just stunning! You look like you had the best time out there, what an amazing experience.

    (oh, and I linked up this week to show you some gardens near us in Enfield, I think you’d really like them. Come up and visit! (and I’d be less socially awkward this time round))

  5. So vibrant, glossy and green and bright. One day I would love to explore gardens in far flung places like this. You must have had an amazing trip, do you feel very chilly back here now 🙂

  6. Looks a gorgeous place Annie, and as usual fab photos to really bring it life. Are those metal swings in one of the pictures? And yes, eek! 1 month to go – can we vote for a delay please? 🙂

  7. I’ve scrolled up and down several times admiring all the plants and flowers. It all looks so lush and green with so much of them outside as well. What a classy restaurant as well. Makes a change from a pre-packed cheese sandwich!

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