Scotch Bonnet (Chilli) Salsa Recipe

Scotch Bonnet fiery chilli salsa rceipe
Scotch Bonnet fiery chilli salsa rceipe

This my friends is not a salsa for the faint hearted. This recipe rates around 320, 000 Scoville Units. To help give you an idea how hot that is, a Jalapeno is around 2,500 Units. It's bloody hot.

It's not however stupidly hot. It's not like those ridiculous sauces that go by the name of 'Insanity' or 'Mental Dawgs' or 'Tears of Pure Fire' (ok ok I may have made a couple of those up but you get my drift). This salsa is something that you can make a small tub of and eat within a few days. I personally couldn't eat a teaspoon of it on it's own but used correctly it's got a superb flavour. Papasaurus and I made a batch using our recipe below and used it up in two main meals. The first meal was Refried Bean Quesadillas ( see here for the BBC Good Food recipe ) where we used the salsa within the quesadillas, this gave a lovely heat and depth of flavour without overpowering the dish. The second dish was vegetable cous cous with tender flash-fried lamb where we stirred the rest of the salsa into the veggie mix as it stir-fried. Yep I am back eating meat again, my severe anemia means that for now red meat is my new friend.

Here's how to make this fiery Scotch Bonnet Salsa:


Food processor Rubber gloves *most important!* Sharp knife Chopping board Tupperware tub to store the salsa


Small bunch of coriander 2 plump garlic cloves 4 decent sized ripe tomatoes 4 scotch bonnet chillis 1 red onion 1 lime


Quarter the tomatoes. Scrape out all the seeds and disgard them. Add the fleshy tomato quarters to the food processor (don't turn it on yet).

Chop the red onion, coriander, garlic cloves and put on the  rubber gloves to chop the chillis and add these to the food processor ( the food not the gloves obvs).

Carefully squeeze the juice of the lime into the food processor.

Turn on the food processor and blitz the food in short bursts. You are trying to achieve a fine yet still textured consistency (see photos above).

Store in an air-tight tupperware tub in the fridge and use within 4 days. The tupperware tub is essential as the aroma is very powerful - use clingfilm over a bowl and your whole fridge will smell of it!

This is perfect for anyone, from those who really likes a chilli kick who might like it with salad, chips and piri piri chicken to those who don't like too much heat who can use it sparingly. Enjoy!