This tragic image of a little boy who’s lost his life fleeing Syria is shocking and is a reminder of the dangers children and families are taking in search of a better life. This child’s plight should concentrate minds and force the EU to come together and agree to a plan to tackle the refugee crisis.
— Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save the Children,

I avoid the news, always. I find it too upsetting, to frustrating to deal with. Don't be like me, read, absorb and understand the millions of people needing help from people like you and I. Bloggers are coming together, standing side by side to ask for your help, donations, awareness raising for much needed funds for Save The Children's Syria Appeal and we want you to join us. Here's how:

Text donate here: TEXT 70008 and the word SYRIA to donate £5

Web donate here: http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/about-us/emergencies/syria-appeal

Join us:
Take a black and white photograph of your child/children holding up a piece of paper with the words below on. If you do not have an image / don't want to post an image of your child / don't have a child, you can use these images here.
'It could have been me' or 'It could have been us'  with the hashtag #‎SaveSyriasChildren‬

Post the following on Facebook, for the sake of unity we are all spreading the same message. Please post your picture and add these words to your post:

There’s lots that you could do from the comfort of your own home.
Please don’t turn a blind eye.
Do Something to help.
Whatever you decide, don’t choose apathy.
#SaveSyriasChildren To donate £5 please text SYRIA to 70008