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0 thoughts on “Rhubarb & Stem Ginger Crumble”

  1. Mmmm rhubarb crumble is a particular favourite of mine, served hot with cornish ice cream! Yum!

    Am not a big fan of ginger, (might have something to do with an ex – ha ha) so may have to pass on that bit!

  2. Oh that le creates pan so magic isn’t it? Never made a rhubarb crumble but it looks really yummy!

  3. that dish is beautiful – no matter what is in it! However I love rubarb and just to grow it when i was younger at my mums house.

  4. Simon made stewed rhubarb with stem ginger for our return to France – it was scrummy. Have you also tried roasting rhubarb? It is fabulous and so easy to do.

  5. Ohh yes and add some custard or a blob of clotted cream and I’m in heaven. We have loads of rhubarb here at the moment too but I’ve not cooked any yet, I must rectify! Mich x

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