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0 thoughts on “Review: Our stay at Rossetti, Glottenham Castle”

  1. what an amazing place to have stayed, more than a home from home, think I’d swop my home to live there forever

  2. It really was a home from home. Being off the grid made you feel like you were camping but the yurt made you feel like you were in a little house in the woods – bliss x

  3. Looks idyllic! I like the sound of all those activities, especially the foodie ones 🙂 Scott and I went on a yurt break a couple of years ago and started talking about buying land and living in a yurt afterwards. Those blackberries look like perfect specimens – nice and plump!

  4. Do you think we could get away with a couple of nights here in half term in October? Is it warm enough in there to try it? I’d like to, but am not sure what the boys would think. I’d have gone this weekend – but it’s already booked up!!! What do you think?

  5. I have a feeling they shut down in October for the Winter, many glamping places do because of the wetter weather being damaging for the yurts and the ground becoming too slippery, the Canopy & Stars website should say xx

  6. That looks like a perfect place to say as a family – I think we’d love somewhere like this x

  7. Sounds idyllic, the perfect place to relax and enjoy life. Such a great idea to stay locally to a festival rather than on site for both cost and relaxation benefits

  8. This looks absolutley beautiful, somewhere for a special little retreat and it can’t be too far from me. Mich x

  9. If I’m honest I am not a camper at all, but I do love the idea of a yurt, I did look for one recently for my husband’s 40th, but couldn’t find one that would take the 5 of us.

    I’ve loved following your adventures this Summer too Annie, it looks like you’ve had a fab time. x

  10. LOVE the look of this! We’ve done a fair bit of camping and glamping this summer. As I type, I’m in a Featherdown tent – for pleasure not business this time! My kids are never happier than when they’re under any kind of canvas and as a mum I love how feral they go, almost instantaneously! Best family holidays EVER. Fact. This looks just gorgeous x

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