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0 thoughts on “Review of Camp Bestival 2015”

  1. great photographs! I loved how well managed the loos were, I was dreading them this year as we are toilet training but they were always stocked and clean. I prefer the atmosphere in the big top to castle stage. Maybe another big top would be good.

  2. I’ve never been to a festival yet, the idea of camping just scares me and I’m sure those crowds would too but generally people seem to have sch a fab time, that I ought to give it a go at least once. Mich x

  3. I’m still gathering my thoughts about our weekend at Camp Bestival, and loving reading everyone else’s reviews in the meantime. Looking through the various photos, including yours, I realised how many things we didn’t see, and I’m kicking myself!

    I agree on the sound at the back of the Castle Field – we could barely hear Alison Moyet, Level 42 and Kaiser Chiefs – granted, we were at the back, but the sound levels back there where so up and down – one minute booming, and the next really quiet. Since this was our first time at CB, we have nothing to base our experience on (other than other outdoor gigs we’ve been too) but I felt the sound quality let the performers and the audience down. However, we were down the front the day before for some acts, and the sound was good.

    Looking forward to your Dingley Dell pics, we missed this completely – planned to go in there on Sunday but went home early because I was ill 🙁

  4. It really was so much busier than previous years – I felt it lost that relaxed vibe i loved so much in the past. Everything needed to be planned to ensure you beat the crowds. Thats said, i still enjoyed parts of the weekend. Agree re: extra stage. Love the photos x

  5. Syd loved that giraffe and said ‘I have never seen a real one before’ – bless!! Am with you on the line-up – enjoyed the Kaisers and Slaves, but there really wasnt a lot there for my taste – and Underworld nearly sent me to sleep waiting for the fireworks! We had a trolley – we only used it friday as we found it a hinderance rather than a help! In defence of trollies tho, at least you could see them – when we went up the front for the Kaisers there were people there with kids asleep on blankets on the floor – in the dark near a mosh pit – not a cunning plan really is it! It did feel a little more crowded this year, but we still had an awesome time! Love that you loved the Morris dancers – my dad was one when I was growing up – which I found massively embarrassing as a teen but now think is pretty cool! xx

  6. Agree with some of your points; the castle stage sound has always been poor unless you’re right in the hub of it down the front, we looked for the charities – wanted to make a hoop – and found them tucked out on the edge of the campsite, and no hoop lady 🙁 Trolley handles…ARGHHHHH! OH hasn’t been since 2011 and he really noticed the extra people, does anyone have official numbers. None of these spoiled the amazing time we had though and meeting up with you all was also a plus 😉 And as always Annie I LOVE your photos x

  7. It’s a shame when annual festivals become too popular and the area that they are held in cannot accommodate it. It either needs to expand as you say with a third stage or limit the number of people who are able to attend. The array of sights to be seen around the festival looks amazing and it makes me wonder whether you could actually get to see it all

  8. Lovely pics. I can’t believe we missed the older kids skateboard area. Shh – don’t tell mine about it. We had a an absolute ball – but it was our first year and I couldn’t believe how busy everything got on Saturday avo. Spent a fortune but would go back in a shot. Look forward to more of your pictures. (Oh and lovely to bump into you albeit briefly!)

  9. This is a real shame as I have always felt so much love from you for this festival before and because of you it is always the one I think about taking my kids too. Feels a bit like I missed the boat now and I cannot stand over-crowded places. What a shame.

  10. That’s a shame about the sound and numbers of people at the main stage…. clearly the festival needs to expand or contract – if it expands, it may lose that intimate vibe, perhaps. Great pictures though and a good review – on balance it looks as if the positives did outweigh the negatives… will you be making it a fifth time next year or look for something new? X

  11. Going by your pros and cons, I think this still sounds a fab festival. I’ve never been and the idea of camping in between thousands of people scares me as does the idea of losing Amy, but one day, yes one day I will go to a festival 🙂

  12. Personally we loved the music line up – there was something for everyone and finally my teen was catered for (and I admit I actually enjoyed Professor Green too. I apologise that we are one of those annoying people with a festival trolley although I am fairly confident we didn’t trip anyone up. It felf a LOT busier this year with Saturday being particularly busy and we missed a couple of the shows we wanted to see due to timetable changes but was the best yet for us!

  13. It sounds to me that this festival it’s a great place to go for kids as they seem to have so many activities for them. Bit disappointed to hear the stuff about the music though 🙁

  14. was a wonderful weekend, but i really did notice how heaving with people it was, too the point of being a little too much i thought and a little hectic. perhaps they need a second site, you know like v festival does?

  15. I’ve read a few reviews of Camp Bestival, and I enjoy your honest approach. It definitely seems there are some really good things, and maybe the over crowding could be addressed with a new, larger site or limiting the numbers. On balance, it still seems like it is fantastic.

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