154. Reporting from Kenya this weekend

pretty much everything I won't be packing
pretty much everything I won’t be packing

On Friday, this Friday, I’ll be boarding a plane to Kenya with Penny and Tanya as we travel to visit projects supported by Comic Relief for the third year running.

Back in 2013 we were thrilled to be asked to travel, visit and report about the good work that money raised makes possible in Ghana. We were also nervous of the unknown, how would we feel, perform and indeed cope with working together under a busy schedule with each other as a trio.

virtuous women's bakery, ghana
virtuous women’s bakery, ghana

In 2014 we were gobsmacked to be asked to travel to Tanzania, visiting projects and reporting once again. We felt more confident about each other strengths though and worked together far more efficiently.

batik making, tanzania
batik making, tanzania

We honestly didn’t think we’d be asked to return for a third year and are all very grateful of the opportunity to share what we see once again with you. We know we can work together well as a team, we know to some degree what to expect and although we can’t share with you the projects we are visiting or who we are travelling with yet I can tell you that it’s going to be uplifting and very emotional.

You can expect plenty of photographs, videos and of course words and also, on this trip we’d also love to show you a bit of the behind the scenes stuff, the side of these trips that you won’t have seen before. We’ll be giving honest and emotional accounts of what we see, a slightly different angle from our previous visits.

Please help!

In previous years we asked bloggers to sign up to receive ‘Digital Postcards’. Essentially a photo taken from a project visit with a couple of lines of text that tells the story behind the photo. These were a great success but one question kept coming up from people on Twitter – how could they join in and share a postcard? So this year we are asking if you would like to share a ‘Social Postcard’. It’s very simple you sign up to let us know that you would like to share a ‘Social Postcard’, we send you that late Sunday evening and on Monday 26th January you share that postcard on social media (or your blog if you prefer). Whatever social media platforms you like, one or many, your call. 

Ask a question

We are going to be visiting a project (sorry, we can’t share details just yet for security reasons) to talk to women with HIV, about the following:

  • Nutrition and family planning for people with HIV
  • Breastfeeding
  • Mother to baby transmission

We would love for you to be involved in this project visit, so if you have a question do let me know in the comments below and we’ll ask as many as we can and share the answers with you. 

Finally, and I’m aware that this is already a lonnnnng post, I’d like to mention just what a privilege it is to be working with Penny and Tanya on this again. We’ve seen and experienced things together under intense circumstances and it’s given us a special bond that’s really hard to explain or do justice with mere words.

Tanya & Penny
Tanya & Penny

The three of us will be having a 10 minute Google Hangout with BritMums at 1pm today to chat about this all – it would be lovely if you could spare the time to join us x

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