Yesterday evening Kitty and I took a walk down a public footpath through the Exbury Estate and I am so glad that we did. I felt much better for posting about how I feel about blogging at the moment recently, it’s always good to get thing off your chest and thank you for your lovely comments and messages, they have made the world of difference. I still have much thinking to do but I feel much clearer headed already. This walk with Kitty was important, life changing is a little over-dramatic but mood changing is a fair description.  I hadn’t been out for a walk in the forest for weeks and now I realize that that’s a key part of my emotional well-being, being outdoors, connecting with nature around me. 

I get so sidetracked with my blog at times. With a lot of travel content recently I thought ‘I should focus on travel and make this blog about that’. Which I did, and I enjoyed it. For a bit. That’s the thing, it’s easy to feel like you should have a focus. Having a focus makes you more desirable to work with, it’s easier to market yourself to people. But it’s not for all. I can’t focus on one thing, it’s not in my nature. I like to be able to do as I please, I’m a flighty person. So I just need to embrace my nature, forget a focus, let creative diversity  steer me and just be me. Being true to myself is more important than worrying about what people will think. I need to get back to being myself, to pouring some genuine emotion and thoughts into my blog and not just factual content.

On our walk, Kitty was telling me about what she’s been learning at school. ‘Parasites are in the water in Africa mummy, and it makes people ill. I want to help’. BAM, I felt grounded. Kitty is the earth to my live wire, she reminds me in her innocence and pure little mind of what is important. As we walked and talked I noticed the different grasses, the evening light, the different wildflowers and I felt as if my eyes opening from a long sleep. Time to get back to being me.

I was looking at Eleanor’s blog Creative Countryside, after following her on Instagram. I was thrilled when she submitted a lovely piece on Early Summer over on Folklings (which remains my place of blissful zen) and started reading her blog. I’m starting her 7 Steps to Slow Things Down free 7 day email course, I love it’s tagline ‘ditch the chaos and embrace positive change’. 

There isn’t a cure or a ‘fix’ to simplify our busy lifestyles – instead it’s all about taking manageable and purposeful steps forward. And don’t be fooled into thinking slow living is a waste of time; it will in fact save you time.

This course is for you if you’re looking to reclaim a few more hours of the day, hope to reconnect with what’s really important in life and if you’re ready to embrace the positive changes that lie ahead.


I think this might be beneficial for many of us, I’m starting today if anyone wants to join me. And thanks again for all the positive support this week, it’s very much appreciated x

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  1. The slow living course looks great – I’ve signed up as I’m struggling with everyday life a bit at the moment. Coming back from a trip away always gives me the blues and I’ve hurtled right into the middle of live with issues at work, poorly kids and loads of responsibilities. So it sounds perfect for me to try and find some quiet. I need to be reminded to live more slowly; it’s something that I strive for, but with such a lot of things that I want to do, sometimes I need to remember to breathe a bit more deeply.

    These images are beautiful Annie; they really capture a soulful walk with your lovely girl. I hope you’re beginning to find the peace that you’re seeking.

    1. Thanks lovely. I’m on day 2 of the course and it makes a lot of sense so far. The fact I needed to force myself to sit down and read it properly shows that I am too busy and need to prioritize more – but lucky it promises to help me learn how to do that. Fingers crossed!
      I always feel like I need a holiday after a holiday to readjust to the whole ‘back to life’ thing. Much love to you and yours – hope the kids are feeling better now x

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