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0 thoughts on “Preparing for your first Mark Warner holiday”

  1. Stunning pictures. I really like the idea of this sort of holiday. I know we could have a lot of fun there. We always take something to play our own films on – many a holiday evening have been spent with a twin headphone adapter and a bottle of wine.

  2. Sounds like you all had an amazing time. I like how thoroughly you have answered any questions I may have. Is there a socket for my straighteners near a mirror though?

  3. Your photos are beautiful, I loved following this trip with you.

    Great tips – I think I’d be panicky about no cash machine so it’s good to know in advance to take plenty of cash. The car hire costs seem quite reasonable too – remember to take your driving licence I guess though!

  4. You photo’s are truly stunning Annie. It looks like an amazing place and I can not wait to hear more.

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time – we feel the same way as you about kids clubs on holiday but the kids disagree and like to spend as much time as they can with their new found friends.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photos of what looks like a relaxing holiday with the perfect mix of action, fun and culture. Was it really hot when you went or was it still bearable? I don’t really do heat…

  7. That looks like the prefect holiday. I visited Lindos when I was a teen and it is so beautiful. Some really great advice for the perfect holiday and I love the Sunuva sets too

  8. What a concise and very helpful report on your holiday. It sounds like you all had fun and that is the best family holiday really isn’t it?
    Loving the photos and I really hope you did give that scuba diving a second go …. did you?

  9. Lovely photos and super-informative post. Sometimes you just need to know the important stuff in advance to make sure you can relax as soon as you get there!

  10. What fantastic photos, and really great post as well – some good questions for us all to answer before we decide where to go…the pictures really make me feel like I can reach out and touch the sea and the sand. Really wish I could in fact…

  11. oh wow what gorgeous scenery , i would love to visit, maybe when all my brood have left the nest and it doesnt cost so much

  12. You went on the crazy sofa…………..Alison had a heart attack on there and we were trying to signal the boat to stop and they just went faster lol

  13. Looks beautiful! We visit Greece every year and I love it so much there. So much useful info about the resort here too. Like you, I have never considered childcare on holiday before… and I’m still not sure I’m quite ready!

  14. Oh that really does look seriously relaxing. The car hire sounds great value and I love all the activities on off. have never been on an all inclusive holiday but am wondering if it is actually better for the budget. Am off to review a villa in Portugal next week and costing things separately works out expensive. We must try all inclusive. Your resort looks lovely. Fab pics of the kids.

  15. I’ve wondered if a Mark Warner hliday is for us as we (as adults) are nto very sporty but the kids love it all so I suspect it woudl be. Great advice, Mich x

  16. Love the tips and love the look of the resort – it really does look like they’ve got everything covered (those slippers are gorgeous)

  17. Great informative post – glad the kids enjoyed the childcare – like you I tend to think holidays are for spending time as a family – but equally if they are having fun it would be lovely to have a few hours as a couple too! Loved Rhodes when I visited- such a beautiful place x

  18. I’m glad you were so taken with your first package holiday Annie – MW really cover all bases and alternate days in Kid Club is a good idea – wish I’d thought of that! X

  19. I was really surprised that we didn’t feel the need to leave the resort AT ALL. In the past, I’ve always wanted to go out and about, exploring the area around our holiday base. Our children (2 and 4 at the time) are younger than yours, though – having everything on tap at Levante made the experience so much more relaxing. Perhaps next time we’ll actually get to Lindos, though!

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