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3 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas-mania”

  1. Such beautiful pictures, mine are the same so we headed out to kick the ball and run around in the fields to get rid of the pre-Christmas buzz.

  2. Oh lovely forest photos πŸ™‚

    Eli hasn’t quite got the Christmas excitement this year. He has started to talk about Santa coming but I don’t think he’s quite got what’s going on yet. He probably can’t really remember last year. I think k this year is going to be the breaker though when he realises that Christmas means presents.

    I remember the Christmas excitement from when I was a kid. One year me and my sister were so excited my parents had just put the Christmas presents out at 2 am and we came running out of our rooms shouting "he’s been he’s been". Mum looked so unimpressed haha.

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