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0 thoughts on “Photos of Rhodes Old Town”

  1. I’ve never been but the colours of the Mediterranean are unmistakable and make me long for a trip. Useful to know the places and prices too

  2. I knew your photos woudl be a feast for my eyes, lovely. I had to smile at Ozzy with the parrot! Mich x

  3. Utterly beautiful photos, Annie. It’s like I’ve just been to Rhodes with you. You’ve captured the atmosphere and all the little details so well x

  4. Oh this makes me want to go back to Greece, we loved Corfu and Athens, so many lovely memories. You and cool Bananas are torturing me with those pics of the slippers I never bought but should have done! Stunning pics Annie x

  5. Just beautiful Annie. I can’t believe we’ve been to Levante twice and still not left the resort!!

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