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0 thoughts on “Photos from the streets of Manhattan, New York City”

  1. Ah now you see I think you need to give up all the gardening and forest stuff and just live in the big city with your camera. These are stunning! Not that I don’t like the green stuff too, just that these fascinate me. The little details you pick up, the things you spot in the mundane that are worth photographing. Give up blogging and be a photographer!

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit NYC. It’s still on the bucket list… Your photos are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing them on my computer screen so I can get a better look!

  3. Great images. Takes me back to my NYC days. One of the great things about NYC is that it is always ready for its close-up (as well as its long shot).

  4. Ah Annie, your photographs are always stunning but this is next level with this camera. I love your eye for detail and the colours are just amazing.

  5. More, more, more….. LOVE! looks totally amazing. Did you feel as if you were in a film. I was convinced I was Cher when I was in NY. A point of note, it was a long time ago and Cher was cool then. Moonstruck Cher. Ok.

  6. I want that bike! And the ice cream – oh wait, which do I want more!? Love the photo of Holly in the subway – beautiful woman. Starting to think I need to save up for this camera.

  7. Awesome, amazing, magical pics! I just googled that camera, bloody hell, did you not fear getting mugged the whole time πŸ˜‰ Seriously good idea to be able to rent equipment like that for a holiday. Was is easy to get used to a new camera quickly?

  8. I did get super insurance to cover it and to be honest in Manhattan I didn’t have to worry once, not even at 4am on the street walking to hunt down Justin Bieber. But where we did the street art walk in Brooklyn was a bit different – I was warned to put it away in public for safety so I just snapped on my iPhone there. One of those things where it probably would have been ok but once someone says that to you it plays on your mind a bit.
    The camera was very intuitive and I got used to it in the two days before we left!

  9. It did feel all a bit surreal the first couple of days and then I sort of became de-sensitized to the high buildings.
    Hello it’s Cher has a nice ring to it #justsayin

  10. It so is Jen you are right! There’s so much to take in, to notice and absorb that it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with it all – I took 5 memory cards and just concentrated on taking photos on the bits that stood out to me only. Even then I had 1259 photos when I got home!

  11. Muchos love Sarah – I’ve crossed it off mine now but I still have the Rockies and New Zealand to go. I never thought I’d go to New York so it makes my other dreams seem that tiny bit more achievable πŸ™‚

  12. this. THIS makes me miss nyc. the energy. it’s electric!!! i could just sit and people watch for hours. and i did. love the blk/wht shot of your daughter. she’s a stunner

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