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0 thoughts on “Photos from The Dingly Dell, Camp Bestival, 2015”

  1. I’m so gutted we didn’t venture into here – I knew it was going to be gorgeous, just from a photography point of view, and already had in my head the different shots I was going to be able to take. But sickness fell down on me and we left on Sunday – when we had planned to go into Dingly Dell then… beautiful photos Annie, they’ve captured the very essence of what I imagined the space to be like! x

  2. I love the Dingly Dell, especially at night, but was gutted when I popped in with E just after 5 and Lizzies Way was closed 🙁 The saws and hammering were fantastic weren’t they?! I wish I had come up with this in my twenties! Lovely photos again 🙂

  3. glad you got to see the colour makes people happy tent, they are just down the road from us and it’s where ronnie had his 6th party last year. such lovely lovely people. dingly dell is one of our favourite spots too. must go at night time next year. looks magical x

  4. It is so nice there, perfect for chilling out and trying something new. I always come home inspired to do things in the woods here too which is always nice!

  5. I love the Dingly Dell, it inspires the imagination of everyone, any age. Watching our little man handle a saw and drill was ace, he was so chuffed with what he made.

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