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Photography & Play

The photo above, with the stars in Kitty's hair were the product of a Saturday afternoon playtime. I was feeling rubbish (darned sore throat), Kitty was feeling bored and it was one of those times where it would have been easier to all just stay in our respective bubbles of fug and the afternoon to pass peacefully by.

And then she spotted a pot of gold stars that I'd bought on a recent festive trip to Waitrose,  and asked if we could put them in her hair.  This might sound like a strange request but honestly she had spent the morning wearing her homemade superhero costume - striped tights, a summer dress tied round her  neck worn backwards as a cape and old old pair of (clean!) pants over here head with a hole cut in them for her nose and mouth. So yeah, in the scheme of things 'stars in my hair' was a most sensible request.

And it was just simple fun, and we loved it. I took a few photos along the way, and so did she. It's pretty cool how she's getting into photography - I'm showing her how to use a camera and she's showing me how to use my imagination. And since we've been chattering about other whimsical  ideas for play and photography - and it feels so good, sharing an interest, making plans, working together.

'Butterflies mummy, lets try butterflies next!'

And so it begins, plans to hatch!