Photographs of Hydrangea Walk, Exbury Gardens, Hampshire

The Hydrangea Walk has been planted with Teller hydrangeas – a Swiss range noted for their strong colours and named after species of birds such as Mowe (seagull) and Pfal (pheasant). In Autumn 2002, the opposite side of the walk was also planted with plants grown from cuttings taken from the Teller hydrangeas. Visitors will also find pockets of hydrangeas in the Home Wood, above Top Pond, in the Park and at the bottom of Witcher’s Wood.


I’ve a new lens for my Fujifilm, the 23mm f1.4, hence lots of shallow depth photos from me over the past couple of weeks. Oh how I love it. And hydrangeas, obvs. Pretty in summer, still lovely in autumn and crispy brown skeletons come winter, all round good floral goodness.  I’m a Friend of Exbury Gardens, each year when my in-laws ask me what I want for my birthday I always ask for the same thing,  a Friend of Exbury pass as it means I can enjoy free entry year round to these local gardens. And get my hydrangea fix. Everyone’s a winner. and by ‘everyone’ I obviously mean ‘me’…

Exbury Gardens are open until Sunday 8th November this year, so if you can, do pop along and take a look around. The changing colours of the leaves on the trees and lingering summer colours are really worth seeing. More info here:

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