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18 thoughts on “One foggy morning…”

  1. Very American Werewolf in London I thought.I’d be looking over my shoulder all the time if I was out there.I wanted to go out for a walk this morning but I’m snowed under with post holiday washing and packing for middly’s PGL trip next week.I haven’t taken fog photos near our woods, always go down the river for extra spookiness.It’s meant to be like it again tomorrow so I’ll attempt a trip after the school run.

  2. Oh gorgeous pictures Annie! I so wanted my two to go on a foggy walk with me but they were completely pooped out after a full on day for Halloween yesterday. Love these pix!

  3. Kitty’s enthusiasm made me smile 🙂 And so did the fact that we both had the same idea when I saw your comment on Instagram on Sunday. Those horses in the fog are so lovely.

  4. Ah only you could make fog look lovely 🙂 I think the additions of those colourful jumpers and lovely smiles helps though. I love that your kids are actually the ones to suggest going walking – I have to bribe mine!

  5. Annie, these photos are incredible. Do you know, I’ve read so many blog posts over the years and it was one of your previous foggy ones that has stayed with me … the one with the cows. Those photos blew me away and I know that one day, I’ll be asking you for a copy when I find the perfect place to hang one in my home x

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