Nature Seekers

Nature Seekers - a series on people who love the great outdoors
Nature Seekers – a series on people who love the great outdoors

One cannot fail to notice that recently there’s been a huge surge in the whole ‘getting kids outdoors’, the ethos of children enjoying childhood, being outside and getting involved in nature. I love it, I really do, so much so that I’m about to launch a blog purely about that, but I digress – Nature Seekers isn’t about children, it’s about adults.

With so many people telling us of all the benefits of children enjoying the great outdoors, I want to stop and make time to share all the ways that being outdoors, immersed in nature can benefit grown ups.


In this Nature Seekers series I’ll be sharing photos, experiences and words of being outdoors, actively seeking time with nature – and I’d like you to join me if you are so inclined. This isn’t going to be some mass-linky, this is going to be a small and focused series and I’d love for anyone who feels passionately about spending time outdoors or who is moved to try it, to get in touch to be featured here. Your photos, words, thoughts, experiences, memories – anything that involves you and nature.

This is purely a series about adults and nature, this isn’t about time enjoyed with your child outdoors, this is time enjoyed just by you. It’s a stepping back from a busy lifestyle, from time online and reconnecting with nature, clearing your mindspace and how that enhances your life.

Heather in the New Forest
Heather in the New Forest

Forests, countryside, mountains, beaches, parks, greenspaces, canals, rivers – there’s so much to discover and enjoy.

This week I’ve been enjoying time alone at the beach. Sea air always seems to blow the cobwebs out, even on the stillest of days. Collecting shells and bits that caught my eye, taking an hour out from being a mother to just let nothingness in. It feels good not to be thinking about anything else than just what a beautiful place I’m stood.

Man fishing
Man fishing
Lepe Beach
Lepe Beach
On the beach
On the beach
Beach combing
Beach combing

If you’d like to join me and celebrate and explore nature, do please get in touch for a chat at

And if you know someone who loves being outdoors, blogger or non-blogger do point them my way x

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  1. What a fantastic idea. My recent few hours on the beach alone recharged and reenergised me in a way that an entire weeks holiday with the kids couldn’t. Being alone with nature is a tonic for me and many others. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lovely series idea and fabulous pictures! Unfortunately I don’t have any alone time, just for me, I always have Baby or family time x

  3. These images are beautiful and really capture the healing properties for mind and body, that time outdoors provides. The beach is my happy place and the place I love to go to when I need time to think and clear my mind. Walking along when its out of season and quieter, are the best times and when it’s blowing a gale and even raining, I find it totally invigorating. I’m really looking forward to reading more of these blog posts and seeing your images, perfectly capturing these moments.

  4. Hey… if I want to get out and roll in the mud and then say ‘we’re supposed to encourage the kids to be outdoors more’ then that’s what I’m going to do! lol. Your photos are seriously amazing!

  5. Me me me, can I join in pretty please? Once the boys are back at school I get the countryside back to myself! Rosie 🙂

  6. Such a wonderful idea Annie. It’s so good to take time out and enjoy the good things of life. Today my husband Jason braved the windy weather and sat on our local beach hunting for pebbles. He desperately needed a little outdoor time. We sat with him for as long as possible, but then headed for shelter. It did us all good to ‘blow away the cobwebs’. Thanks for such an inspiring series. We’ll be sure to tune in!

  7. What a great idea! Count me in! I would say I’m a country girl at heart as I can spend hours in the garden, on the heath, foraging, etc. But I also love being by the sea, beachcombing, picking up shells and little rocks. It’s all about being outside, by myself, with my camera. Caro (UrbanVegPatch)

  8. Love this idea Annie. Living where we do, I often have no choice but to enjoy the great outdoors, and it’s stunningly beautiful so I am not complaining. Would love to get involved, but I start full time work tomorrow (:O) so it might be in a couple of weeks or so when I get more organised? xx

  9. I’m happiest by the sea, no matter what the season, weather or time of the day. It really is my happy place. I feel relaxed within minutes…

  10. What a great new series, I have really captured a love of being outside and with nature in this last year. I’d be very happy to do a post for this series Annie. Mich x

      1. Just checking if you sent an email, I didn’t get it and have been having problems with my emails. No worries if you haven’t just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you!

  11. I know exactly what you mean about being at the beach – and it’s almost better in winter, when there’s more solitude, and more rawness. I wish I lived closer to the sea so I could take advantage of it. Sadly, where we are, there is very little to draw me out. The kids pester and pester for a dog, and the one reason I sometimes wonder if I could handle the extra work, is so that I’d be forced outside for an hour every day, irrespective of the weather.
    I can’t promise a post, but I will certainly watch and try to join in my own small way – I’d like to be more inspired to get outside x

  12. we spent 75% of our day outdoors. my girls love it and although we don’t have such beautiful places(as in your pictures) around and i don’t drive either they still enjoy it!

  13. A lovely idea. I spend as much time as I can, rain or shine, at the beach. Without the kids!! I’m positive that the time I’ve spent exploring the beaches, splashing about in the waves and just letting my mind wonder has helped in my recovery from PTSD and depression.

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