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0 thoughts on “New Forest”

  1. " I’m not going to get too close to the stacks" she said….

    you are a naught naughty girl Spratt! but ace loggage…

  2. I totally get it. I’d have been over that gate in a flash but … no pictures of lichen or bark? I bet you’re just hiding those real close ups for later, eh? Well done. And what a pity there’s no smell-o-rama to go with this post!

  3. That’s like that Paris blog isn’t it – hugely popular too. I love your photography (as you know) so am very interested in your travels. Have you any plans of where you may end up next? Oooh how exciting.

  4. i love this Annie. well worth the risk too. at least there was nobody there with a shotgun. and i too want to travel and take pictures and share them. we have many things in common. thank you for always sharing. i like seeing the world through your eyes. xx

  5. Fab shots, and fab backstory. Feeling all renegade now, you are such a bad influence πŸ˜‰

  6. I like your photos you rebel! Were you wearing tighty whiteys a la Heisenberg? Throwing wet paper towels sounds fun- have you had loo roll parties? I love those. It’s a beautiful place Annie and you captured it well. I had been passing a spot on the way to work where the sun shone through the trees and leaves in such a perfect way, but I kept thinking, I’ll stop another day when I’m not late. I did that minor detour on the bike the other day even though I was running late, and I’m glad that I did. I don’t think the light will always be waiting for you- you have to grab the chance.

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