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  1. I can still tell you all the lyrics for Autumn Days and how we got told off for shouting the line "and a win for my home team!". Lovely pictures Mrs xx

  2. Desperate thing to happen, I can understand your worry, I hate to be confined by events like that but I think you can’t help be.
    Beautiful photos, love the red against the blue sky.

  3. So sorry to hear about that local lady Annie, yes it would worry me too.

    You did manage to find some wonderful color, we have nothign liek that hear yet, it is all still very green btu I’m looking forward to the change.

    Mich x

  4. I did think you when I heard the news and that it was in Beaulieu. Sometimes I feel like locking us all away from the outside world and all its horror but then I realise that life must go on.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that someone has been killed. I hope they find who did it soon.

    It is great how things can bring us back to childhood isn’t it. I currently am trying to teach my 11 year old about safety. He keeps forgetting to take his phone to school and I do hope he listens and walks the long way home when it starts getting dark as there’s no houses or much light the way he is currently going.

  6. Funny you should say that as I was reminiscing over the ‘don’t walk on the train line’ school talks that we had at school when I was little the other day Joy.

  7. Beaulieu and the New Forest are such lovely peaceful locations; I’ve always felt they were a slice of ‘Old England’ with lovely country lanes, etc (despite your proximity to Fawley oil refinery!). I’m shocked, as you are, at your news of a local murder. Let’s hope the culprit is soon caught, although I guess you’ll be looking over your shoulder for some time. I recall when a local woman was murdered in Gosport many years ago (I worked for the solicitor handling the case); it rocked the community especially when the police found out it was a local lad with undisclosed mental issues after years of emotional abuse from his parents. Shocking, unpredictable and very sad – for all concerned. That said, I really love your nature photos – I must get up onto the Heath and see what colours the trees are there. Have a good week, Annie.

  8. I adore this time of year for the changing colours and the joy they bring. I am so sorry you community was rocked with the loss of someone and I hope that the culprit is found. I would be pretty apprehensive.

  9. these are absolutely gorgeous photos and i am a bit envious of the fact that you are beginning to witness fall and its glorious colors. on the other hand, that is terrifying news and i hope they find the killer. also, stay smart and in public places. the world can be so beautiful and yet so scary…. xx

  10. Eeeek – i totally love this series. Wonderful seasonal images, it is a beautiful time of year. Awful news about that poor lady – what a tragedy πŸ™ Her poor family. I hope the killer is found soon, as that must be really unsettling for everyone in the area. Off to visit Jen’s post now – thanks for sharing, and the continued inspiration xxx

  11. I really love these posts in particular, and the pictures are so vibrant and warming. So sorry to hear of the local murder – how shocking, and those poor children. I hope the culprit is found soon and you are your community can sleep safely again. X

  12. Stunning pictures, all of them. Autumn is one of the best times of the year for photography. Can’t fault of the beautiful colours

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