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0 thoughts on “Calshot”

  1. Oh Annie! These photos are gorgeous. So, so calming. I don’t know why but I love that solitary chain on the beach – it’s such a quiet detail if you know what I mean. Looks like you had the whole beach to yourself? What a lovely walk… and those beach huts! I hope you had a lovely summer! X.

  2. I so envy you living close to Southampton Water in the New Forest – I know the other side of the water well (Lee and Titchfield – and the view from the island across to Calshot) and love all that the area offers. Any time you want to swop …. ! Fab photos, Annie, love the monochrome tones to them; the stillness of the evening shines through even though it can be a busy stretch of water. Wish we had colourful beach huts like those in Stokes Bay, the beach very local to my parents. I’m down there this weekend, may do a nature seekers post from the other side of the water!

  3. I adore beach huts, especially when they are painted in ice cream colours. I just want to sit in them, on a deck chair sipping a cup of tea from a flask 🙂

  4. That stripy beach hut is fantastic! As is the row is huts in all different colours. Looks like a great walk and so peaceful 🙂

  5. I love the chains and the beach huts too. I aspire to own a beach hut on our local beach,. but alas they tend not to go to locals, but rich second homers!

  6. Great pictures! I really love pictures of beach huts, they always make me want to go to the beach immediately 🙂 x

  7. Gorgeous photos, it reminds me a little of Wells/Holkham beach which we love! Beach huts make super photo subjects!

  8. I love the area round there. As students we took much amusement in ‘Calshot Spit’. Lovely photos as usual. The colours in the beach huts are wonderful.

  9. Oh I love those beach huts, what a greta series of photos and you have inspired me as I never go to the beach in the evening alone – there is my challenge for next week. Cheers Mich x

  10. I’ve always loved the detail in things, which is one of the reasons I love walking so much, especially urban walking, because it gives opportunity to see the details, flowers on a window, tiles by the door. Photography definitely enhances that. I love beach huts, I remember seeing an old wooden one for sale in Southwold, offer in excess of 80K! can’t imagine how much the fancy pants ones are worth – I’d bloody love one though.

  11. I love the idea of ‘actively seeking time with nature’. It reminded me of my teenage years. I wasn’t one of those girls who loved clothes and makeup, I’d much rather be down at the stream catching tadpoles in my hands or the pond with a net waiting for the newts to come to the surface!
    I live very close to the city here. There aren’t many places to go like there was when I lived in a small Derbyshire village and I have to say I really do miss it.

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