Mother's Day, the gift of giving


Long-term readers of this journal will remember many a past how does your garden grow post sharing photos and tales form my mum's garden. Her garden is an important space for her.  My father passed a number of years ago, and now my mum cares full time for her best friend who suffers from early onset dementia, which is now advanced.

Her garden is one of the things that my mum can spend time in, taking her mind away from the day to day stresses of life. It's exactly the kind of garden that wows adults and triggers the imagination of children. It's my dream garden!

The summerhouse was a big addition to the garden, the slate roof coming from near Winchcombe, beginning it's life on top of a red brick retreat where monks went to in the garden for prayers.The wooden side walls were constructed by Ronson's reclamation yard in Sandhurst, Gloucester, using reclaimed wood . The roof dates back to the early 1900's, the base is new, with reclaimed engineering bricks and red and black quarry tiles.

I found a couple of photos from when she first brought the summerhouse into her garden. It's filled up a lot since then, housing baby succulents, spring bulbs & vintage tools these days.


Some of my earliest memories of childhood are of our family garden, picking strawberries, Spring tulips in the garden, my dads greenhouse. So when it comes to picking a Mother's Day gift I usually choose garden related gifts. Not only do they suit her down to the ground but this is just the perfect time of the year to start thinking about getting out into the garden more.

When I shop for gifts I tend to shop online at John Lewis. I've found over the years that the quality of products and their guarantees are hard to beat, genuinely it's my favourite, first stop place when buying pretty much anything. Their click and collect really suits me as I can expect next day delivery to my local Waitrose, which also happens to be the nearest supermarket to me.

I love the inspiration that John Lewis gives too, it makes choosing the right gift for someone in your life so much easier. Take their Mother's Day gifts range for example,  there's a carefully chosen selection of gift suggestions for every type of mother, from gardeners to foodies, the tech savvy to the adventurous with gift experiences.

This guide made it simple for me to choose a present for my mum this Mother's Day. I opted for pretty Anthropologie planters and copper pots. Perfect to fill with hyacinths and other seasonal blooms, bringing some of the outdoor Spring colour indoors. 

The great thing about filling planters like this as gifts is that the gift not only has the immediate 'pretty flowers' effect but the planters can then be replanted and re-used time and time again.


And the apple hasn't fallen far for the cart - I've asked my family for an annual pass to a local garden for Mother's Day this year! Have you found that as you have grown older, that you start to enjoy similar things to your mum?