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0 thoughts on “Monastery of Tsambika (Tsampika) , Rhodes”

  1. Ohh wow those views are just amazing, when I saw one of these pictures the other day on your new slder it took my breath away. I’m really hoping we might get to the M Levante Beach resort next year! Mich x

  2. The views are incredible and I’d have stopped countless times on the way up to admire the scenery (and catch my breath) too. I Love the timeless quality of the photos x

  3. beautiful photos Annie of a stunning location. I have visited Rhodes, in fact I viisted many fo the Greek Islands during my 20’s and I loved them. probably my favourite places to go as the people were so lovely, the sea so blue and the scenery and food amazing. xx

  4. Oh it looks pretty much like the romanian orthodox churches actually but the views are just superb!

  5. I can’t imagine why you would keep those shoes tied Annie lol. I think my boys would really love the challenge of those steps and that really is a great view.

  6. I didn’t know that you have visited there so much Jenny. I’ve been amazed at how many people who I have chatted to on Twitter, have been to Rhodes, especially to Lindos. And all of them have so much love for it!

  7. You would love it there Mich! If you do defoo try and hire a car ‘on resort’ and get out to Lindos and here for one day – get a flavour of the island!

  8. Oh Annie! I feel like I am reading a travel mag when I read your posts. These shots make Greece look so much more, sort of, DEEP than my own memories of partying in Rhodes. Beautiful.

  9. I think I’d need lots of ‘stop to admire the view’ breaks.

    Completely worth it although that basket of babies is still giving me the creeps x x

  10. As a mother of one (who is struggling to conceive the next) WHY didn’t I know about this when I was out there?! I feel another trip to Levante may be required!

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