Monastery of Tsambika (Tsampika) , Rhodes

Tsambika Monastery is a Byzantine Church on the island of Rhodes in Greece, or as I like to call it ‘the church with all the wax babies’. The legend attached to the church is that any woman having problems conceiving, should walk the 300+ steps to the monastery to pray the the Virgin. She will then be blessed with children.  If a child is born after this and you live on Rhodes it is said that you must call a boy  Tsambikos or Tsampika if its a girl. As a mother of eight you can imagine that I made sure that my shoes were well and truly tied on. 

The walk up is hard, the steps are gradual and there are around 350 to negotiate. Every step has it’s number painted on, we did the whole ‘hey kids let’s count the numbers!’ from the bottom and it’s a lot easier if you don’t tell them how many steps there are! The views as you get towards the top are amazing and if you are struggling with the steps but still want to look cool in front of your travelling buddies you can use the old ‘ooo can we stop to admire the view?’ excuse.

At the monastery at the top of the steps is a tap and bottles so you can help yourself to water. You can light a candle, say a prayer if that’s your thing and view the fertility chapel. A donation of a few euros is customary at this point.

Around the monastery you can see for miles, south towards Tsambika Beach and Lindos and north to Kolymbia (and the Mark Warner resort where we were staying).

We are really glad that we made this trip to Tsambika Monastery whilst holidaying in Rhodes, for us, staying at the Mark Warner Levante Resort it was a handy place to visit on the way back from a visit to the Acropolis of Lindos. If you are staying at Levante I’d recommend hiring a car ‘on resort’ for a day and doing both Lindos and this Monastery.

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  1. Ohh wow those views are just amazing, when I saw one of these pictures the other day on your new slder it took my breath away. I’m really hoping we might get to the M Levante Beach resort next year! Mich x

  2. The views are incredible and I’d have stopped countless times on the way up to admire the scenery (and catch my breath) too. I Love the timeless quality of the photos x

  3. beautiful photos Annie of a stunning location. I have visited Rhodes, in fact I viisted many fo the Greek Islands during my 20’s and I loved them. probably my favourite places to go as the people were so lovely, the sea so blue and the scenery and food amazing. xx

    1. I didn’t know that you have visited there so much Jenny. I’ve been amazed at how many people who I have chatted to on Twitter, have been to Rhodes, especially to Lindos. And all of them have so much love for it!

  4. I can’t imagine why you would keep those shoes tied Annie lol. I think my boys would really love the challenge of those steps and that really is a great view.

  5. Oh Annie! I feel like I am reading a travel mag when I read your posts. These shots make Greece look so much more, sort of, DEEP than my own memories of partying in Rhodes. Beautiful.

  6. I think I’d need lots of ‘stop to admire the view’ breaks.

    Completely worth it although that basket of babies is still giving me the creeps x x

  7. As a mother of one (who is struggling to conceive the next) WHY didn’t I know about this when I was out there?! I feel another trip to Levante may be required!

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