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0 thoughts on “Misery”

  1. Get well soon lovely. Being ill is tough, especially when it follows a massively wonderful weekend of fun and leads to missing out on more fun. Why is it life punishes us for having FUN? Xxx

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear you are still poorly, get well soon. Weather being so muggy must be hard too. Hope this week is much better x

  3. Boo to illness! I’ve been there. Hot water, local honey and lemon several times a day, it makes everything better. Hope you recover soon and sorry you missed your weekend away. Oh and thank you for listing me as a daily read! x

  4. Boo to the dark prince lurgy.I hope the anti b’s are doing their job by now.Looking forward to hearing about what you thought about Glasto.Take care ☺

  5. Oh it’s just awful being poorly. Complete misery!! Hey loving the new styling lady. Seriously you blow me away each time. xxx

  6. Oh Annie, I’m so sorry to hear about your woes. You sound properly poorly, my lovely friend. I’m sending you get well soon wishes from Yorkshire and now I’m off to discover what Sons of Anarchy is. Because that sounds like an excellent way to recover…that and chips.

    Big hugs to you, take it easy on yourself and hoping you get well soon xxx

  7. So sorry to hear that you’ve been poorly, and that you had to miss out on what would undoubtedly have been a lovely stay. Don’t knock the green juice though – drink blindfolded, I bet it’ll work wonders! Sending hugs xxx

  8. oh man, we just can’t party like we used to can we? now our party is a cup of lemon, honey and ginger? boooooooo! well, at least there is jackson. he is yummy to look at. i do hope you are feeling better. xx

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