Living room makeover inspiration

Last year we extended our house and starting making improvements to every room. I won’t lie, it was a lot harder than we anticipated. The dust, the mess, the inconvenience (washing up dishes in the bath is not fun EVER).

A year on and most of the work is complete, the living room being the room that we are currently working on. When deciding on colour schemes, decor, furnishings and sofas I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I knew the sort of ‘look’ I liked from reading lifestyle blogs and spending for too much time on Instagram but I wasn’t sure how practical the look I loved would be for us as a family.

Here’s some examples of looks I loved at first sight:

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Can you see the theme there? Light and airy. But with a husband who hates ‘anything white’ my dream was not to become a reality. Once I began thinking more in practical terms and less in ‘oooo so pretty’ terms I realized that a mainly white colour scheme isn’t really suitable for our young family. Although Kitty is 7 and Ozzy 6 years old now they are still prone to dirty hand-prints and an avant-garde regard for felt tips. And so my thoughts turned to dark tones, our huge kitchen / office /dining room / snug area is a lighter coloured space so maybe a dark contrast would give the living room a cosy feel.

Here’s my second attempt at inspiration, based on a dark feel:

Very much favouring the greens, greys and blue tones we set to work painting our living room, replacing the coving, skirting board and flooring. Then we ordered two new sofas from Habitat to replace our 10 year old corner sofa. Have you seen the new Habitat ad? The man dancing round in his pants? No?  It’s here (you are welcome). Although the corner sofa is very comfy, it is getting tatty following years of family action (and even Kitty’s homebirth!) Tonight we move it outside for refuse collection tomorrow, I feel sad to see it go but excited for the new ones to arrive – and they come tomorrow! Huzzah!

Come back next week to see our finished living room! *excited dance*

Now to hang these pictures…where did I leave the hammer? 


  1. Ooo I love all those fresh looking rooms and the blue darker room. How exciting.. I’m looking forward to seeing what your room looks like when it’s finished.

    As I have mentioned like 100 times in your comments, we are about to buy a house 🙂 I can’t wait to do it up how we like. Luckily me and my OH both agree on the minimal, white walls with splashes of colour, country kitchen, victoriana bathroom thing. I’m just hopeing I can convince him to let me paint the stairs colour tonal. We will see. Exciting times!

  2. I think we must have pretty similar tastes – I really loved all the colour schemes and I am a big fan of light and airy too, although the richer colours can add a bit of drama too! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing! X

  3. Yes, and yes! This looks like my lounge pinterest board. We need to decorate our living room and I have been putting it off for a few years because of the dust and mess, I really don’t want to deal with it. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new living room 🙂

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