Lipa Theater: Story Maker learning app

I've been packing and getting organised for our trip to Iceland next week. Ok, so I've been thinking I really should pack and get organised, but the thought is there, honest. One thing that I have given a lot of thought to though is Kitty and Ozzy whilst we are away, who will be staying with their grandparents who will be looking after them. 

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Staying with Grandma and Grandad is something that excites the children greatly. Kitty loves how Grandma always bakes jam tarts for her and Ozzy loves charging through Grandads garden like a whirlwind. We are hugely grateful that they are looking after the children and naturally if we can make things easier whilst we are away we'll do so. Like slipping new magazines into their bags before we leave for them to discover later and popping some new learning apps and game on the iPad.

We do enjoy a lot of outdoors time as a family but after school at this time of the year it's soon dark so they do like a bit of screen time after their homework and reading is done. This week I downloaded Lipa Theater : Story Maker from Lipa Learning on my iPhone for Ozzy to try. Being 6 years old he's  at an age with apps where things seem to be either 'too young' or 'too old' for him. With Lipa Theater aimed at ages 3+ I wasn't sure if it would be a little on the  young side for him but he really enjoyed it. 

I think that with kids apps it's always a good sign if the child can work out how to use the app without being told, if it's intuitive for them. He was off and away recording his voice and making little stories, mainly about pirates in spaceships.

Lipa theater helps children boost their narrative and social-emotional skills as they create fantastic adventures and tales. Fly on dragons?  No problem! There's dozens props to choose from, 50 characters, music themes, and weather controls such as a blazing sunset or shivering snowflakes. Your child can take a snapshot of a scene for the background and then record the show with personalized voice overs before playing it back or share the video.

Kitty is forever writing little stories about forest animals having adventures and Lipa Theater helps her turn a story into little movie, bringing it to life a little more for her.

Lipa has many more learnings apps that are all developed specifically to promote a holistic childhood experience, bringing families together for mutual discovery and growth. 

“At Lipa, we believe every child deserves a successful early years’ development, regardless of their background or location. That’s why we crafted our innovative developmental system that starts with the device and expands into the physical world, where real life experiences and memories are made.” 

Based on 8 Core Curricula of development, Lipa’s products go beyond teaching just academics with areas such as social-emotional competence, physical health, philosophy, and even environmentalism. These areas are expressed through not only digital apps and interactive storybooks, but Real World Activities like crafts, exercises, experiments, and games that families can enjoy together at home, at school, out in nature, or anywhere. 

Lipa also has a community website Lipa Village and when you look at both that website and the apps available it really does give you the feeling that Lipa is very much for the family and for learning with fun. I only wish I had come across Lipa learning apps 3 years ago as I can see that it would be nice to have a variety of learning apps for pre-schoolers especially to gently introduce the concept of learning as being something that can be fun.

Lipa Theater is priced at £2.99 . I'm all for paying for an app that is of goof quality with no adverts or silly YouTube click throughs. I have have walked in to find Ozzy watching something random on YouTube that came on after an Angry Birds video and it's really made me aware of how little control you have, as a parent, over many of the free apps out there. 

Perfect for those who like to dream!

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