La Petite Echelle, Mont D’Or, France

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I recently visited the Jura region of France as part of a Press Trip with Comté cheese. Next week I'll be sharing the whole cheese making process, but in the meantime I wanted to share La Petite Echelle with you, where we stopped for lunch one day. Located just 350m from the Swiss border, La Petite Echelle or 'The Small Scale' has no electricity or running water and the main building hasn't changed for over a century. As you will see, the view is quite something, add to it the sounds of cow bells from the heifers in the fields below and it's about as natural alpiney as you are going to get in this day and age.

The yurt you see above is rented out to hikers, it might not look that big, but it sleeps 10 thanks to an impressive bunk bed system. I could have quite happily stayed in that yurt (though not with Tanya, she snores like a demon). Below, the kitchen where Norbert (left) and Geller (right) prepared our meal: Fondue  with woodruff (made with Comté of course), rösti topped with ham & smoked sausage, dressed green salad, chocolate cake and strawberry & rhubarb tart.

You can dine inside La Petite Echelle but let's face it, on a day where the sky was so blue who could resist this view below, taken from where I sat at the table? I must take a moment to admit that this was the first time I had ever tried fondue and it was amazing, if you are going to pop your fondue cherry, do it in style - here! Norbert and Geller use plants, herbs and wildflowers from the area surrounding La Petite Echelle in and on the food they produce and everything we ate was sourced locally - a dream to experience such flavours knowing how fresh and how short distances it's traveled.

There are not the words to describe how good that tart was, think rhubarb, strawberries and a lemony curd taste, think proper French patisserie pastry - oh my. I *might* have had 'thirds' whilst the  marketing agency girls made the most of the skittle alley next to the yurt.

Manky thanks to  Milene & Anasie at Comté Cheese and Claudia & Caroline at MBA Digital Marketing for organising the trip and looking after us all so well. Thanks to my travelling companions Tanya from Mummy Barrow, Margie from Made by Margie & Nana Nice Cream, May from Eat Cook Explore and Felicity Spector.