Giving away one million photos

I’m starting a new project, a mission sums it up rather better. To photograph and open source 1,000,000 photos.
million photods.png

1,000,000 is a huge number. In fact it's around 68 photos every day for 40 years. Intense. Immense.

Doing what I love the most and giving something to other people. A legacy of sorts. Also a huge prompt to get really organised with my photo storage. Honestly I am so lame at organising my photos, my Dropbox has random folders and file names that make no sense - literally. Makes it super hard to find anything.

How it works

All photos will the shared in batches on Each batch will contain a link to a collection on my Unsplash profile where all the images in the batch can be downloaded, for free, to use in any personal or commercial project.

Getting organised

  1. Create a folder on my MacBook, add the photos to it.
  2. Rename the photos numerically.
  3. Create folder in Dropbox (with a proper description!)
  4. Add the photos for the batch.
  5. Upload the photos to
  6. Upload the photos to, automatically sending out a notification to subscribers.
  7. Remove folder from MacBook

Set up is hosted I researched options and for me it felt the best bet as I wanted a solution that could handle a lot of photos speedily, was very easy to use, somewhere I can't be distracted by numerous templates or themes and looked good.

The photos themselves can be downloaded exclusively via on my profile, arranged into collections.

If you like, you can subscribe via to notifications of new batches.

I'm super excited to start this - head over to Million Photos to see the first batches!